Sunday, February 15, 2015

Entered in scholarship contest for Marie Forleo's BSchool......

February 15, 2015-

Today, was a rest day but we only took a day off from running.....we put a sort little quick video together for Marie Forleo's BSchool scholarship contest......

Skyler, Pam and myself are all in the video.....and of course Sandy and Candycane were all part of the reasons for asking t be chosen for the scholarship.

Our idea is grand.....and much needed place for people and their four legged best friends.......we are intent on setting up a Six Legged Companion Health and Wellness Center , where dogs bring their people to workout, our take a bunch of healthy living classes. Skyler has confided in me that working on getting our local dogpark for 8 years was a long hard journey BUT well worth dogparks are coming more into view here on Long Island everyday.

People and their dogs (or other pets) ALL need to live healthy lives......which in turn makes their lives HAPPY!.....and who doesn't want to be happy or better yet healthy and happy.

There is so much involved in our Six Legged Companion Health and Wellness Center from a café, a running groups, walking groups, a team pool (one where dogs and people can both swim in!), tons of classes cooking, healthy living, environmentally sound classes.....and so much more- that is LITERALLY just the tip of the iceberg!.......

Check out our video and check out BSchool, and watch our dreams become a reality when we get out scholarship!
#winBSCHOOL  and

Monday, February 9, 2015

Scout's Training Blog

February 9, 2015-

After taking a few days off from blogging (sorry about that!).....I'm, Pam and I took to the open roads and I can literally say they were pretty open at started out with a nice little mini ice storm which closed a lot of schools and businesses. The amount of cars out on the road were minimized. We did however get to see a lot of the town sanders! The roads weren't as bad as we thought heading out BUT just in case we ran across some black ice we did in fact take our time! Where is Spring?!?!?!.....Pam is a lover of winter, as Skyler and Sandy keep telling me but this year it's taking it's toll on her. About two weeks ago, Pam saw a robin red breast sitting on the tree limb as she was driving down the road- isn't this supposed to be a sign of Spring?!?!?!?

Okay, so moving on Pam is waiting to get to Kent Animal Shelter to talk to Pamela Green about the details of the upcoming marathon adventure of ours. As soon as the weather permits she will be heading out there.......In the meantime, you can make your donations to Kent at this link:

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Tomorrow's run will prove to be another icy run I believe!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Training Day 2

February 3, 2015-

Okay, today we ran 6 was an awesome run today.....although cold, slushy with a few puddles and a few patches of ice. We ran behind the bagel store and I found a bagel- I was happy, of course I had to carb up so Pam waited a minute or two while I had my carbs.  Then we continued on. We ran through the parking lot by our local dog park, but the paths weren't cleared so we just ran out of the parking lot,  I pulled Pam across the street to the other parking lot- hey, you never know where you'll find the bits and pieces of bagels and pizza on the sidewalks or lots! As we made our way through the slush and ice......we kept things safe and slow.....I had to keep the speed down because of cautious Pam and of course the drivers- who I must say were really paying attention today as we ran our course, I think they were happy to see us out there on such a day!...

When we got closer to home, I pulled Pam to my find......about 5-10 feet away buried in the snow.....(this is my hidden talent by the way)......I found not one BUT two bagels- ok, because of the snow they were a bit soggy but that was okay....they were still good!

I had a carbed up run today! Hoping to have more runs like this one everyday!
I think I want to have a scavenger hunt on our marathon where I search out bagels all along our course! Whatcha think? Good idea?!?!?!......Pam can know where they are and either place them there beforehand or have someone place them there as we approach certain points. Hhhhmmmm.....treats galore! Gotta love that.....I'm already training for that one!

I realized we didn't set a raindate for our marathon.....I think the raindate should be the following week after the original date of May 24th.......Pam- whatcha think?!?!?!?....Is that okay?!?!?!?

We will by the way start running at 7am and hopefully finish by 11:30 am......thought I should add some start times and projected finish time!

Oh, here is the stretch of the day:
I'm doing the stretch of the day tomorrow for us dogs- but for now, Pam can show another stretch for people:
Until tomorrow,
don't forget to donate to Kent Animal Shelter and help the dogs and cats there......
Here is our fundraiser link:
Check out our new book.....I co authored it with my pack Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, and Benji....and oh yeah, Pam! That's me on the cover!

Monday, February 2, 2015

First Day of Official Marathon Training

February 2, 2015-

On this Groundhog Day, our Groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of Winter......and today was the perfect proof that our Groundhogs were correct!.....We started our training in the rain, snow, and sleet......

We still got out there and ran our 4 miles.....we also ran to the bank but not before stopping by the bagel shop so Scout could look for his know those little bits and pieces that dogs like to "scout" out and munch down on when they find them. Pam personally prefers to buy them- GO FIGURE!

There were lots of puddles from the snow, and rain.....tomorrow is supposed to be a 6 mile run, but it may not be in the morning because of the expected ICE from today and what will develop overnight! YIKES! Not looking forward to that darn ice!

We are starting our series of stretching before and after our is the first stretch we're bringing your way....check out this video:

Okay, until we see what tomorrow brings weather wise.....
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

The day before......

February 1, 2015-

Tomorrow, our marathon training begins.......
This is the warmup week for the next 16 weeks of training- (lucky us we get to start running in the snowy weather!)

Here is our first week of training runs:

Monday, Feb 2- 4 miles
 The goal is to do a 4 mile warmup and stay energized for the first speed workout tomorrow

Tuesday, Feb 3- 6 miles
  The goal is to our first speed workout. Starting with a 1 mile warmup, then trying a fartlek (alternating every 2 minutes between faster and slower pace- keeping this up for 4 miles)
  And finishing the last mile with a light cooldown.

Wednesday, Feb 4- 5 miles
  The goal is to run 5 miles at an easy comfortable pace today. And to get ready for the first cross         training day tomorrow.

Thursday, Feb 5- Cross Training today
  Try a session of  Yoga or Doga. Or a Nike Training club workout!

Friday, Feb 6- 4 miles
  The goal is to run 3 miles at a comfortable, easy pace and finish the last mile at a faster pace.

Saturday, Feb 7- 10 miles
  The goal is to run 10 miles at a comfortable, easy pace.

Sunday,Feb 8- REST

Each day we will include some Active Isolated Stretching and we will be adding the videos of us doing these stretches each day for relax we will not leave you out of the loop on that part of our training. Stretching is a very important part of running, it can mean the difference between being injury free or not! And improve running times and experience!

Oh our marathon is also a fundraiser for the shelter that brought me to my pack, and Pam!
Here is the link to donate, all the money goes straight to Kent Animal Shelter: