Sunday, February 15, 2015

Entered in scholarship contest for Marie Forleo's BSchool......

February 15, 2015-

Today, was a rest day but we only took a day off from running.....we put a sort little quick video together for Marie Forleo's BSchool scholarship contest......

Skyler, Pam and myself are all in the video.....and of course Sandy and Candycane were all part of the reasons for asking t be chosen for the scholarship.

Our idea is grand.....and much needed place for people and their four legged best friends.......we are intent on setting up a Six Legged Companion Health and Wellness Center , where dogs bring their people to workout, our take a bunch of healthy living classes. Skyler has confided in me that working on getting our local dogpark for 8 years was a long hard journey BUT well worth dogparks are coming more into view here on Long Island everyday.

People and their dogs (or other pets) ALL need to live healthy lives......which in turn makes their lives HAPPY!.....and who doesn't want to be happy or better yet healthy and happy.

There is so much involved in our Six Legged Companion Health and Wellness Center from a café, a running groups, walking groups, a team pool (one where dogs and people can both swim in!), tons of classes cooking, healthy living, environmentally sound classes.....and so much more- that is LITERALLY just the tip of the iceberg!.......

Check out our video and check out BSchool, and watch our dreams become a reality when we get out scholarship!
#winBSCHOOL  and

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