Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Training Day 2

February 3, 2015-

Okay, today we ran 6 miles.....it was an awesome run today.....although cold, slushy with a few puddles and a few patches of ice. We ran behind the bagel store and I found a bagel- I was happy, of course I had to carb up so Pam waited a minute or two while I had my carbs.  Then we continued on. We ran through the parking lot by our local dog park, but the paths weren't cleared so we just ran out of the parking lot,  I pulled Pam across the street to the other parking lot- hey, you never know where you'll find the bits and pieces of bagels and pizza on the sidewalks or lots! As we made our way through the slush and ice......we kept things safe and slow.....I had to keep the speed down because of cautious Pam and of course the drivers- who I must say were really paying attention today as we ran our course, I think they were happy to see us out there on such a day!...

When we got closer to home, I pulled Pam to my find......about 5-10 feet away buried in the snow.....(this is my hidden talent by the way)......I found not one BUT two bagels- ok, because of the snow they were a bit soggy but that was okay....they were still good!

I had a carbed up run today! Hoping to have more runs like this one everyday!
I think I want to have a scavenger hunt on our marathon where I search out bagels all along our course! Whatcha think? Good idea?!?!?!......Pam can know where they are and either place them there beforehand or have someone place them there as we approach certain points. Hhhhmmmm.....treats galore! Gotta love that.....I'm already training for that one!

I realized we didn't set a raindate for our marathon.....I think the raindate should be the following weekend......one week after the original date of May 24th.......Pam- whatcha think?!?!?!?....Is that okay?!?!?!?

We will by the way start running at 7am and hopefully finish by 11:30 am......thought I should add some start times and projected finish time!

Oh, here is the stretch of the day:
I'm doing the stretch of the day tomorrow for us dogs- but for now, Pam can show another stretch for people:
Until tomorrow,
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Check out our new book.....I co authored it with my pack Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, and Benji....and oh yeah, Pam! That's me on the cover!

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