Monday, January 26, 2015

As January come to an end.....

January 26, 2015-

As January comes to an end the final Monday of the month has brought on a blizzard. Pam and I got a short, quick run in before the snow came full bore. Although with the wind blowing toward us in the first half of the run, the snow was blinding Pam and I ended up having to run even more carefully than I usually do with her. To top it all off it was cold out, although Pam decided to really bundle up for her run, so she was nice and toasty. I was warm too because she tried not to go to slow, but with the snow in her face and having to squint half the way she had to keep the speed down for the first half.

Tomorrow, I have a feeling the workout will be watching Pam shovel the snow- and then working out indoors.......doing some Doga and all. Pam did promise to either make an igloo or at least a dugout in the backyard where we can enjoy the snow and the grass all at once (and have a place to well you know without really needing to go tracking in the snow to go!....But we will still make tracks in the snow for fun! And this I cannot wait for, Skyler tells me it's lots of fun!

The entire eastern border of the USA is shutdown practically! Can you imagine that?!??!?!? Ok, at least the Northern portion of it.......We went shopping yesterday to make sure we had enough food for a few days in case we are snow bound. So we are ready for a few days of being home bound! The stores were all packed and apparently the shelves are empty in all the store around us......

Ok, tomorrow I hope to have lots of snowy photos and videos of Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, Benji, and come on back and check in.......

Until tomorrow,

Sunday, January 25, 2015

More about February training and fundraiser......

January 25,  2015-

With a week to go before our training officially begins.....Skyler's training and fundraiser as well......Sandy's training and fundraiser......and Candycane's training and fundraiser. We will talk more about our training today....all the other training coincides with my Skyler's training will be concentrating on our core, legs, and arms.......Sandy's training will be concentrating on our inner health and will challenge us to eat even healthier and cleaner than we have been eating before.....we will be following and dedicating ourselves to our new upcoming book- which will be written during this time as well......the lifestyle being followed will be a compilation of the Paleo Vegan, Vegan, and Raw Vegan til 4 Lifestyles as well as being coupled with the doggy lifestyle. We will be visiting our local veterinarian as well to have them ok, our lifestyle choices from time to time!
And Candycane's challenge to be stress free and really get a good nights SLEEP!......All these combined work can join us for the challenges or follow along and donate money to your favorite charity......ALL the links will be listed in my blog starting tomorrow!

We do hope to go talk to someone from Pam's old school to help us shoot our videos and stills for our blogs and Pam can really only do so much!......And we want to really bring you quality in our blogs from now on!

Okay, more to come tomorrow,

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Balance and Stretch

January 24, 2015-

Due to a snow/ rain storm last night, Pam had to shovel two HEAVY driveways.....just snow would be ok, BUT we have to have the rain along with it right?!!??! So Pam decided we will workout inside today......oh, we got to be outside and get soaking wet while Pam shoveled the driveways.....we're still drying off hours later- LOL!.....

Anyway, with my marathon training coming up in a week I thought I would share with you some of my other training to prepare for my marathon. Today, I will show you my balance and stretch exercise.....

This exercise is great to condition my core- oh yeah! Hey people to get your dog to do this you can use a treat or toy to lure your dog to the position. Hold the pose for a few seconds, your dog will hold it as long as they this a few times....and keep those small treats ready!

Oh I should mention avoid this exercise if your dog has a history of back problems OR if your dogs is overweight.

Check out our video here: (I always have fun with this one, and I think Pam did too......Skyler was there to coach us through it all- she loves being the coach/ trainer now!)

Okay, this is just one of the stretches that I will be performing starting in February.....oh goodness, we are only one week away from the next month! I think we're ready......

Until tomorrow, have a great day or night, and stay warm.

Friday, January 23, 2015

More adventures in running.......

January 23, 2015-

Today we went for a short 3 mile run, we ran through our local middle school yard (cutting across to get to the other side.......then we ran towards the bagel place so that I could try to find some bagels in the parking lot.....because as everyone knows, we dogs love to search for and eat bits and pieces of bagels and all off the sidewalk (WHICH ARE FREE!) while our humans like to buy theirs at the bagel store! Go figure.......why on earth would you want to pay for something when you could get it for FREE??!!?! I mean please the bits and pieces are NOT going to kill a dog this confuses me a little! Okay, moving on.....after I found no bagels on the ground, we ran to the other side and for some reason Pam is perplexed at the fact that I pull her to go into the vet clinic......

Wait a minute, as you can see the name is the Vet Clinic is BEST FRIENDS....and yes, they truly are OUR BEST FRIENDS! I mean take a look at Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, Benji, and myself....we are all so very healthy.....and because of these great vets here we insist on going to see our BEST FRIENDS!
After we went in and had some water they provided us during our run, we left hydrated and headed for the dog walking/ running trails in Nesconset- I must admit- Smithtown is a very dog friendly area. We have our TOWN dogpark, COUNTY dogpark, lots of dog walking trails, and the beaches are open to us from October to April.....basically the off season times but honestly if you go when the beaches are not crowded during the season (officials may look the other way, just remember to pickup after your dog, and have respect for other park users, and if you do come across others when you have your dog, make sure your dog is not in their face- unless invited and even then hold us back a bit!) SMITHTOWN ROCKS!
Okay, so before we hit the trails, I met a puppy and had to go say HI....dragging Pam behind me ......The puppy was a little excited and kinda cute I wish we could have been off leash, BUT Pam wanted to continue our run! So we headed for the trails and finished our shot run!

Check out the video of the day here to experience our run along with us:

After we got back, I got lucky and Benji was out so we headed out for a walk with Benji- about 1.25 miles.......
Well, Pam has to get going so I need to finish this up so she can turn off the computer, until tomorrow's adventure,
Check out our new book.....I co authored it with my pack!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- To the Dogpark......

January 22, 2015-

Today Pam had to be barked at to get going, she made me wait while she got everything together- IMAGINE THAT....I mean how rude!

Once we got going I decided to do our usually course backwards, and to hit up some trails at the park up the road. The trails there have a few small hills.....for some reason, Pam is being very cautious on running down trails with me! I am not sure why.....uummmm.....moving on......

At the end of the trail that is made especially for the dogs by the way, is the local dogpark. No one was there but I wanted to go in and be off leash for a bit. I wonder if Pam got the off leash thing or if she just thought hey there are no other dogs in there......

Do you think she got that I really want to get into the park!?!??! Watch this short video:

Anyway, if she liked it when I ran her UP the hill on the trails though, at least she let me go fast there!....Geez.....we'll get back to running downhill trails again- in the meantime I will enjoy every step with my best friend Pam. After we left the dogpark we passed by the library, and then went to search for B-A-G-E-L-S!.....Sadly, I could not carb up but when we got home I was able to recarb with some treats that Pam gave the pack!
Oh yeah, as we were finishing up our run a nice 4 mile run at that, with a 1/2 mile left, I decided to air out my ears and let them flop over my head so Pam would only see the pink insides of my ears on the top of my head ......she laughed behind me.....and I knew all was good for the run today! (I wish she got my picture for that one- you'd love it!)
Until tomorrow's adventure.....
Have a great run,

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- Another run in the books......

January 15, 2015-

Just touching base today, as Pam and I ran a short 3.25 miles locally. Pam's black and blue's are slowing going away. I hope they're gone by February 2! Guess I'm going to have to push the Vitamin C on her everyday......I will become the Vitamin C pusher in her life.....We have plenty of oranges and clementines for her to get her Vitamin C from......

Anyhow, here is our video of the day......
Pam thought I would get going during part of that run, proved her to be mistaken! Oh, I wanted to go so much that I slipped my harness at one point and made her come after me....hehehehe.......all is ok now though!......

See you for hopefully more training tomorrow.....I'll get Pam on some exciting courses.....maybe some trails tomorrow......gotta get going now, I smell something to go track out!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- A bit of a longer run.....

January 20, 2015-
I helped shoot Skyler's video today!

Finally today Pam took it up a notch and we ended up doing a 8 mile run. I think she was intending on doing 6 miles, but we kept going......So proud of her....Although I need to run at least 20 miles to get rid of my young energy! This will be coming in the next few weeks though......Marathon training here we come on Feb 2nd! Pam get ready to run....because I am!

Today about halfway through our run we got to stop and take a break at PetSmart- they literally just opened the doors as we got there......I got to sniff out some great stuff they have there, just check out this video....(oh, do not worry I may have lifted my leg on the display but I didn't pee on anything. I did find out however I weigh 49 pounds! Guess that's all muscle, afterall I end up pulling Pam all over! Hehehehehehe.......

Watch this video of me in PetSmart:

Once we left the store we continued on and I thought I would take this oppourtunity to make sure people know how to run in traffic or against the flow of traffic.....This is in the books of NYS too! Think about it, it makes sense.....if you run or walk against traffic you can always see what is coming your way, and you can have eye contact with drivers at all times. Whereas if you run with the direction of traffic you have to take those precious moments and turn around to see what is coming your way. I mean, I personally want to shave that reaction time and be able to jump out of the way quickly to avoid being hit or worse.
Check the video out:
So those are our lessons of the day....What will I teach you and Pam tomorrow?!?!??! Guess you'll have to come back to see,
See you soon,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- No Ice Today.....

January 19, 2015-

After her falls/ slides and the black ice yesterday, Pam tended to be a little cautious today as we headed out for our run.....which was understandable!...

Today, we headed out for a 3 mile run......locally.....I saw a cat about halfway through our run and started my howling, and so wanted to chase it, but Pam brought me back to our run and we went on our merry way.

She reminded me that I have two events coming up in the next few months......

I think I am already ready for them but Pam wants to be extra sure that we can both handle the runs and obstacles that lie ahead. So I shall humor her and train right along with her. I mean afterall she will be on the other end of the leash and she is getting me out to where I want to be.....RUNNING!
I have a whole team working with me to get two weeks, the details of our training will be the subject of our daily blogs......
We will be adding some extra training tidbits that we MUST do to be ready for the upcoming runs at hand.  I cannot wait to see what my coaches, Pam- Skyler- and Sandy have in store for us......Will we be hitting up different areas?....Will we be doing other forms of exercises?.....What is in store?.......Pant- Pant....I cannot wait, for training to begin!
Pam is going to either include a link or snapshot of her Nikeplus workout info and all for you to follow along with.......this will show details of our runs throughout our training and how we are progressing.
Oh my two weeks to go......hopefully Pam's black and blues will be all gone and she'll be running ouch free......until then I'll take it easy on her!
Until tomorrow,

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- Black Ice

January 18, 2015-

Of course the day we resume our training the roads and sidewalks have patches of black ice (okay, many times white ice-but nevertheless that shiny surface which makes running or even walking dangerous! During our run today, we had to take it nice and out for oncoming cars with an extra precaution! And we tried to find as many grassy areas to run on along our path.

You may be able to see the shiny road surface in this video, and the grassy areas that get hound dogs like myself sniffing even more than on the road!

Along our way today, we did come across another dog who really wanted to jump the fence and join us on our run!
Hey at least I met a new friend!
See you tomorrow,
I am just so glad we got out there again!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- What is in store this year!

January 17, 2015-

Okay Pam and I have finalized our race schedule for this year.....(with a few possible races- they we going to play by ear on!) Oh our training will resume tomorrow after several days off from a slide/ fall that Pam took as she was in tow of ME!

First, our marathon training starts on February 2.....our first run/ race maybe the Run for the Hill of it 10k on March 29th.......this run/ race will be more of a run than a race, if we indeed do it! Our training will tell us if we do indeed go ahead and run it!

Our first official run/ race will be the St James 5 mile run on April 18th, and I must admit that these hills are just as difficult as well as ALOT more scenic and quiet.....and LONGER distances can be run on these hills, as well as SAFER! Oh did I mention you have the beach right there for the summer weather runs!

Then on May 24th, we will be running our very own marathon (hopefully raising money for Kent Animal Shelter!)......In fact, we will be running from Smithtown to Kent Shelter in Calverton. Which is 26.2 miles! You can donate to a great cause and help out those animals that only want to share their unconditional love with you, here:

To donate to my marathon fundrasier, all money goes directly to Kent Animal Shelter:

You can follow our training for this event on this blog as well as Skyler's blog:
After that race, we have a few weeks of training to go..... before our next event which is....drum roll please, (oh, this event is also Skyler's event- and in fact, we will be counting on Skyler to be our coach in our training for this event especially.......

on July 19- the NYC AMC DOGGY DASH......
Skyler knows this course and all it has to offer very well as she ran it in 2009 and she will be sharing her expertise with Scout to prepare him for what's to come!
This race is a little pricey for a 5 mile race BUT  we run alongside the triathletes and halfway through the race the AMC provides vets and vet techs to check the dogs temps, provide ice baths for the dogs, and check their paws, etc....and basically cater to the dogs. Wait, what about Pam.....doesn't she get any attention?....Ok, I will provide that attention to her- Skyler just told me as I was typing this blog that that's what she did and Pam was happy with that!
The race after that is the Running of the Bull 5k on September 26th, we did this last year......Pam may be training for another marathon in November at this time so we may end up doing more long runs at this time like last year!
Oh, the marathon would be the Myles Standish Marathon in Plymouth, MA!
Pam will be hitting up a race that I will not be able to run at all- in November, which is the Northport 4k XC race... but she assures me I will be running the next day!
As you can see there are not a lot of races scheduled for this year but of the races mentioned we want to do our best  at each and every one and get the full benefit of each one.....
Okay, until tomorrow when we resume training again,
Have a great night,

Friday, January 16, 2015

Scout's Blog- Black and Blue Blues?!?!?!?

January 16,2015-

Today, Pam decided to give one more rest day to her thigh......she promised me either tomorrow or Sunday we will be resuming our training....after all our marathon training starts on February 2nd! And we have to keep in shape until then. We have to be ready to up our mileage.

In the meantime, today Pam was talking about the Pupilates training video she wants to do by mid February, starring ME. And the Doga training video starring Skyler!

As far as our marathon training goes, Pam was talking about of course the running portion of our training. But also the core workouts we need to do, to strengthen our cores. This included our pupilates exercises, and our Doga poses. She also mentioned how important the warmup and cooldowns were to training, and fueling our bodies right. Pam presently follows a vegan lifestyle, but most recently she has been thinking of going Raw Vegan til 4/ Vegan/ Paleo VEGAN.....of course, keep drinking water- a minimum of 2 liters a day!

There is so much that goes into training.

We will also be using Doterra Essential can order your own essential oils through me. I will be blogging more in February to include info on specific essential oils and the blends of these oils! DoTerra Oils have so many benefits to our health as well as our dogs health. I my goal is to uncover these to you this year!

The last week of January we will be sharing more about the specifics of the whole training regiment in which we will be taking on starting Feb 2nd!

Have a great evening,

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- Rolling Like A Ball

January 15, 2015-

 No run today, we did some pupilates, I will be sharing with you one exercise that I am still trying to learn as my pals Skyler and Sandy will demonstrate. Pam had her exercise while we had ours. But we were all there and present to help one another out!

I think I can safely say we all had fun with this exercise, even if I didn't get it right away. I will get eventually though!
See you tomorrow for more....

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- Pupilates 101

January 14, 2015-

Today Pam decided to take it easy today because of yesterday's SLIDE down the hill......oops! Sorry Pam! And also because it was bitter cold out and it was tough getting up today!

So we stuck to indoor workouts.....nevertheless totally worthwhile!

We did some basic Pupilates exercise- here is the chosen exercise of the day......

For Humans: we call it the BASIC PLANK on the SWISS BALL!
Basically you do a plank raised up on a Swiss Ball.

For Dogs: it's the same basic principal......we are working on strengthening our cores and legs during this exercise! Your human will assist you here by putting one hand on the ball so that it doesn't roll away from you. And hopefully if they are kind enough will guide your front paws up on the ball with a treat in their other hand. Watch the video for both human and dog exercises! And if you have more than one dog in your household you can take turns on the ball while the other spots you and your human!

Until tomorrow where you find out what training we have in store, have a great day and try this exercise with your best friend!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Scout's Blog- Running and Falling andRecovery from a fall!

January 13, 2015-

Today, Pam and I joined a bunch of people from our running club early in the morning for a run. It was a 4.5 mile run......there was ice on the roads and trails but hey no said running would have PERFECT conditions right!

Everything started off ok, with the exception of the fact that Pam left the tethered leash in the truck and therefore had to handhold my leash the whole way. This was difficult for her because she has not trained like that in sometime. Not to mention the fact she left the lights and reflective vests in the truck. But others convinced her it would be ok, so she trusted the others.

Others were telling her how to run with me, and she listened BUT knew how we run together so well. Running safely together has a lot of things to think about involved in it. And knowing how you and your dog run together is part of that. Fortunately she left the earphones at home and ran without music to constantly communicate with the world around her. That was nice and smart!
I told them hey, I wrote the book on this.....LITERALLY!

Check out our new book.....I co authored it with my pack Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, and Benji....and oh yeah, Pam!

She also mentioned she does not claim to be an expect of course, not sure anyone truly is BUT she does try to do things safely and correct!
The falls that happened where due to Pam not running wrong but in not having the equipment she needed and being prepared for the dark, hilly trails that lied ahead!
The rest of the day, I felt kinda bad as Pam did come out of the run with a few scrapes on her knees and on her thigh,  BUT mostly her EGO! But I do know she will mend and all will be ok again. We are still planning on doing a run locally tomorrow, I'll take it nice and easy and we'll get though it again! Oh, and we'll be better prepared! And with Pam wearing her new running pants as well!
See you tomorrow,

Monday, January 12, 2015

Scout's Blog-Reflective Vests and Safety

January 12, 2015-

I have to give a shout out to my fellow Six Legged Companion Coach, Pam who is a Certified Healthcoach. I mention this because today is the beginning of National Healthcoach week!

Scout sporting a doggie reflective vest!


Reflective Vests are a great idea for nighttime running and in my opinion along with some sort of light should be mandatory.....and early morning running as well. Although wearing reflective vests in the daytime can help runners be seen all around. So think about where your running and whether or not it will help you and your dog be seen better the next time you go out and run!

Don't forget to check and order your copy of our new book today! To live a healthier life with your dog, written by your healthcoaches here from this blog!



Sunday, January 11, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- Details

January 11, 2015-

WOW! Can you believe it, almost halfway through January!.......I can hardly believe it. Anyway, Pam and I have come up with the details for our marathon and training plan....we have things ready to go.....

Here are some of the details:

Training starts on February 2, 2015......

The marathon will take place on May 24, 2015

We will be raising money for Kent Animal Shelter, you can donate here:
We will be blogging everyday to let you follow along with our training and hopefully have you train right along with us!
The course will be from our house in Smithtown ending up at Kent Animal Shelter via Rt 25.....we will be training this course from time to time so if your local give us a toot of your horn or a shout out to us.....calling my name may not be the best idea unless traffic is light, so that your not calling me into traffic with Pam right behind. So opt for the horn and a wave!
or give us a shout on your favorite social media- facebook at Pamela Schmidlin, Twitter-theDogRunner, etc......I will give you all the specifics as training comes closer......
Until the marathon we will be doing a few races together, including the St James 5 Miler.......we will be staying towards the back of the crowd, and Pam will keep a tight hold of my lead, ( she may even put spots on me to make me look like a dalmation!)No, I kinda looks like one now- I said KINDA!......physique wise and white with brown and black patches!......anyway, I can pass for the day!......Maybe I'll get the prize for matching the AWESOME tshirts and doing them proud!....Hint- St James FD!.......
Pam will talk further about running with me and all with the St James FD, and details to keep ALL safe, because safety for all is important to me.....YES ALL! I figure it this way, I want to keep running with my dog and have others do the same and if I care others may follow and if others follow we can set a precedent of running safely together and soon running with your dog will be a normal and allowed thing to do in races. BUT precedents need to be set FIRST!
Pam thinks Sunday is a REST day, yeah right, let's go Pam!
I really want February 2 to get here, I keep telling Pam to get going and run! Until then we will be running and blogging so keep checking back for our daily blogs!
See you soon

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- First Trail Run at Blydenburgh

January 10, 2015-

Today I did my first trail run at Skyler's favorite place to run in the world, Blydenburgh County Park. I can see why she loves it so is a link to our trail run.....

It was a cold day but it warmed up as we went along. All along the whole trail, I had my nose to the snowy ground tracking something. I think it was fox or deer. By the end of the run my nose had ice on it! Man it was cold......maybe I should run the whole way with my head up?!?!?!? (at least when it snows!)

It was a beautiful run though and like my bestest friend Skyler this is now my favorite run of all time......I love you Skyler.....I just wish I saw some fox or deer along the way! Maybe next time, if I can get Pam up early enough!

Above are just some images of OUR favorite running spot, that is Skyler's, mine, Sandy's, Candycane's and Pam's!
We had a great first trail run together at Blydenburgh Park and I cannot wait to go back.....
Tomorrow is a running rest day BUT check back as Pam and I will be talking about our upcoming marathon!
Check the video of us running the trails before you go:
See Ya!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- Early to Rise

January 9,2015-

This morning Pam and I hopped in the truck and took off for Northport, we were meeting a group of people for a run!.....We had no idea how many people would be there, if others would accept running with me, where and how far we were running, etc.....We did however forget our headlamps and reflective gear as it was still dark out. Oops, fortunately, we were careful and so were the others that ran without their gear! Lesson learned put the lights, reflective gear, and all in one easy to grab spot for those early morning or late night runs!

As we drove up to meet everyone we met Bill, he fortunately is a fan of dogs, as he has his lab that he walked earlier just before the run! Ha, I got to run today! Maybe we'll still meet, time will tell- if not I have my pack at home that I work out with, sleep with, and just pal around with! I love Skyler and Sandy and Candycane!

Anyway, we ended up running a total of 5 miles through the streets and trails of Northport. And if you live within close proximity of the trails you could hear my howl around miles 2 and 3! Pam had to stop and laugh as this was the first time I started howling running with other people! It was the talk of the run, I was the talk of the run! Jim also knows his dogs, he was able to guess my breed and know I was not a pure breed- I am a MUTTIGREE! And darn proud to be.

About 1.5 miles in I had to go to the bathroom, Pam should have been prepared with a bag ready and all. Lesson Two learned for Pam- HAVE A BAG READY- she wasted to much time tearing the bag from the rest and opening it, if she was prepared she wouldn't have had the others or me wait as long as she did!

Oh and around 4 miles, I had to catch Mike- Pam was forced to run and pass everyone.....hey, no was going to pass me up!....Now if only I could get Pam to run in front ALL the time!

In the end, we had a great time and I could have went further BUT I will give it to Pam for rejoining the others for a great group run. I see what Skyler was telling me about these runs now!

See you tomorrow for more training updates......Gotta start a marathon training schedule this coming week as well- that should be fun!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Scouts Training Blog- More Safety

January 8, 2015- 

You can never be too safe! Pam and I always wear our ID tags when we run, and in fact each of us has our own in case we are separated somehow! For me, I have a microchip embedded in me! And I have my dog id tags issued by the local authorities and also by Kent Animal Shelter! Another thing we should have on us are our rabies/ vaccination tags so that others know ok, we are good and up to date on our shots and are safe to be around!

Scout and his identification tags!

 Pam also wears her wristband (incidentally, they have id for dogs through too- check them out!) RoadID is interactive as well so if something happens and you are unable to speak officials can see if you need special care, or what not! Pam also wears her DogTags from the Army as well! I think she just likes the fact they're called DOG tags!

I just want my readers to go out there and be safe no matter where they are. So keep that ID on you at all times! We'll mention more safety things as time goes on this month so stay tuned and stay safe!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Scouts Blog- Safety Wednesday!

January 7, 2015-
PLEASE remember to be safe at all times! And as the temperatures drop monitor your dogs time outside! Bring them in and do not leave them outside at night!

Yesterday here on Long Island we got a little bit of snow and with the snow the trucks came out to sand (and salt the roads).......they do in fact use a mixture of the two here on LI! So we'll be talking about this today.

Okay, first and foremost, we of course protect our feet by putting shoes on them and making sure they're a good fit and are comfortable right??!?!

Just the same we should be doing this for our dogs paws, in the winter time to protect their paws from the elements we have a couple of choices.......we can either choose to put doggie boots on their paws or we can opt to put a protective wax on their paws (actually most dogs until they are used to the boots and putting them on may opt for the wax......)but it is a personal choice between you and your dog to be made.

And after your walk or run, remove the boots or take a papertowel/ towel/ etc and wipe your dogs paws. Even if you use the boots you do not want to leave them on as your dog can chew on them to get the off or start to lick them which is not good for them to digest!

Just a tip to keep you and your dog safe and happy while stay happy and healthy!
See you tomorrow for yet some more training updates!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- Snowy Run

January 6, 2015-

Scout watching his step on what could be slippery roadways!
Today Pam and I ran a short 2.5 mile run, we cut it short because of technical difficulties with the phone. Pam could have sworn the power was up to 97% before we left BUT it wasn't and the power cut off before we did. Not to mention one of the earbuds wasn't working and it was off balance while listening to it.

And while Pam was trying to fix the Nikeplus or whatever, fiddling around not paying attention to me...which is so very rare for her. I relieved myself and the owner of the property saw, not seeing me she continued on. When we got to the end of the street, the owner of the property asked Pam (he drove all the way down the road as opposed to telling Pam right then and there, hhmmm).....that  I had gone to the bathroom, and that she should pickup after me. So she asked which house and he said back there, of course he couldn't tell me which she was going to run in and rob him blind.....NOT Pam just wanted to undo something that should not have happened in the first place, that is not picking up after her me and be responsible. Pam knew where it was as it was the only place we stopped, actually it could have been a little further down the road. So we turned around and went back to pickup the poop. LESSON learned: the next time I go out BE SURE the power is up on the phone and/ or watch and if something goes wrong PAY ATTENTION to EVERYTHING going on around you! (Like Pam usually does, she talks to me during our runs and makes sure I stay on the left side of the road, and out of traffic, she picks up after me (and goes back if she misses anything, LOL!)

I refuse to be one of these people who literally just walk away from responsibility. Of course, he could park his two cars in his driveway, so that others on the curve of the road there, those on foot do not have to walk or run in the middle of the road and endanger their lives.

But Pam can rest assured that she did the right thing and went back before going on.

Can you guess the song that was playing and I was"singing" along to!?!?!?
See you tomorrow for more training and running adventures!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Scouts Training Blog Day 5

January 5, 2015-

Today we went for a short run, 2.5 was a little windy out which made it feel a little colder....but it's winter so cold is GOOD!.....We decided to stop at the local dogpark up the road from us as we made our loop in the neighborhood. And we got to socialize for a minute or two with other dogs and people. There were two other dogs at the park, and two owners.....I for some reason kept going to one person in particular.....Hey Pam, maybe I'm trying to tell you something!

The run was short but it was good, and the stop at the dogpark was just what we needed. And Pam thinks it was just for me! HA! Once again, I have her fooled!
Pam, if your reading this we need to go back soon!
Don't forget to check and order your copy of our new book today!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Training Blog- All about Rest Days!

January 4,2015-


Today Pam decided today was the rest day....and yes, rest days should be built into any training schedule as your body needs appropriate time to recover. Now that doesn't mean to sit on the couch and vegout. Or go hogwild with the cakes and cookies. It means to rest from one form of training, add in some core workouts, or swimming or do something different. Eat right, fuel the body with good nourishing (hopefully plant based foods). Hydrate yourself just as much as if you were running because tomorrow is another run day!

In the meantime, we have been thinking of a plan of attack for our fundraiser and who to fundraise for.......and we came up with fundraising for Kent Animal Shelter (the details will be worked out hopefully this week with the head of the shelter, maybe we can get volunteers to meet and greet us at several mile markers, etc....and plenty of news coverage to spread the word about Kent Animal Shelter.

The distance from my home to Kent Animal Shelter is just under a marathon distance taking one way. And if I head a little further north I can get an Ultramarathon distance in. I think hitting up the marathon distance, (adding about 1/2 mile somewhere would be ideal though!) There are other shelters along the way, and Veterinary clinics that we could stop at to make sure Scout and I are still okay to move forward. I know both of us can run up to 22 miles already the next 4.2 miles will be the challenge. I will have someone following me in a car to make sure I have water, and or added fuel, I need my bagels to keep carbed! Oh yeah, for Pam too!

So this is our latest decision-the run will take place in the spring sometime we are thinking in May!
Again details will be worked out with the head of Kent Animal Shelter in the next few weeks......if not sooner!

I'm ready to run, I hope Pam is ready too!

Check back tomorrow for more training blogs from us!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Scouts Training Blog Day 3

January 3, 2015-
Hey Let Me in these are AWESOME vets, and I want to see them even if I am healthy!

Today Pam and I ran for a our usual course, and as usual I led the way- I wonder if I wasn't leading if Pam would get lost!?!?!?....Probably not.....Anyway, we ran behind the bagel store as from time to time I have found bits and pieces of bagels on the ground, ok, whole bagels too.....Pam prefers to buy hers- go figure!

Today there weren't any bagels to be found, maybe Monday! Paws crossed!
On the other side of the group of stores as we come around to the front, our vet is located there, BEST FRIENDS VETERINARY HOSPITAL, and I wanted to go in and show off how healthy I was, afterall a run a day keeps the vet away!........BUT Pam wanted to keep going.....
So that was our run today.....not sure if we're taking tomorrow off from running or choosing another day BUT I can't wait for our next run......I would run every day if Pam would take me out!
Check out our new book.....I co authored it with my pack Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, and Benji....and oh yeah, Pam!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Scouts second day of training in the New Year!

January 2, 2015-

Well it's the second day of the year and that means the second day of my training blog.....I ran 3 miles with Pam today, a local run......halfway through stopping to go to the bank. After we left the bank, we needed to cross the road.....because it is in the books that pedestrians should walk or run against we had to cross the road safely. Always looking BOTH ways before crossing the street (by the way drivers should be looking both ways before crossing or pulling out into traffic!).

After your run, you should always stretch out. BUT not only is it important for yourself, it is important to stretch your dog out as well......

I will demonstrate and easy peasy way to accomplish this this stretch you are stretching out the dogs front and hind legs and when you have them raise their head and all you can include a neck stretch as well.....WATCH!

Check back tomorrow to see what we have in store for our training update!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Scouts New Training Blog Day One

January 1, 2015-

This is me, training partner Pam and I are in training for a self made event.....we intend on running a long run from our house to an unchosen (at this point) point out east on Long Island....We were thinking of possibly running out to where we first met at Kent Animal Shelter.....then running out along the North Shore of Long Island sounded good too!.....
We would be doing this as a fundraiser for possibly Kent Animal Shelter or for a local charity that supports dogs and veterans together.....this point is undecided now but in the next few week as our training progresses we have more details about this adventure of ours.
Today we went for a nice 5k run.....and at about 2 miles Pam took out the camera and shot me running take a look....I think I can take her on any day! I can out run her whenever! HA!......
Can you see her trying to keep up with me?!?!??!
Check out our new book.....I co authored it with my pack Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, and Benji....and oh yeah, Pam!