Saturday, January 10, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- First Trail Run at Blydenburgh

January 10, 2015-

Today I did my first trail run at Skyler's favorite place to run in the world, Blydenburgh County Park. I can see why she loves it so is a link to our trail run.....

It was a cold day but it warmed up as we went along. All along the whole trail, I had my nose to the snowy ground tracking something. I think it was fox or deer. By the end of the run my nose had ice on it! Man it was cold......maybe I should run the whole way with my head up?!?!?!? (at least when it snows!)

It was a beautiful run though and like my bestest friend Skyler this is now my favorite run of all time......I love you Skyler.....I just wish I saw some fox or deer along the way! Maybe next time, if I can get Pam up early enough!

Above are just some images of OUR favorite running spot, that is Skyler's, mine, Sandy's, Candycane's and Pam's!
We had a great first trail run together at Blydenburgh Park and I cannot wait to go back.....
Tomorrow is a running rest day BUT check back as Pam and I will be talking about our upcoming marathon!
Check the video of us running the trails before you go:
See Ya!

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