Saturday, January 24, 2015

Balance and Stretch

January 24, 2015-

Due to a snow/ rain storm last night, Pam had to shovel two HEAVY driveways.....just snow would be ok, BUT we have to have the rain along with it right?!!??! So Pam decided we will workout inside today......oh, we got to be outside and get soaking wet while Pam shoveled the driveways.....we're still drying off hours later- LOL!.....

Anyway, with my marathon training coming up in a week I thought I would share with you some of my other training to prepare for my marathon. Today, I will show you my balance and stretch exercise.....

This exercise is great to condition my core- oh yeah! Hey people to get your dog to do this you can use a treat or toy to lure your dog to the position. Hold the pose for a few seconds, your dog will hold it as long as they this a few times....and keep those small treats ready!

Oh I should mention avoid this exercise if your dog has a history of back problems OR if your dogs is overweight.

Check out our video here: (I always have fun with this one, and I think Pam did too......Skyler was there to coach us through it all- she loves being the coach/ trainer now!)

Okay, this is just one of the stretches that I will be performing starting in February.....oh goodness, we are only one week away from the next month! I think we're ready......

Until tomorrow, have a great day or night, and stay warm.

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