Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- A bit of a longer run.....

January 20, 2015-
I helped shoot Skyler's video today!

Finally today Pam took it up a notch and we ended up doing a 8 mile run. I think she was intending on doing 6 miles, but we kept going......So proud of her....Although I need to run at least 20 miles to get rid of my young energy! This will be coming in the next few weeks though......Marathon training here we come on Feb 2nd! Pam get ready to run....because I am!

Today about halfway through our run we got to stop and take a break at PetSmart- they literally just opened the doors as we got there......I got to sniff out some great stuff they have there, just check out this video....(oh, do not worry I may have lifted my leg on the display but I didn't pee on anything. I did find out however I weigh 49 pounds! Guess that's all muscle, afterall I end up pulling Pam all over! Hehehehehehe.......

Watch this video of me in PetSmart:

Once we left the store we continued on and I thought I would take this oppourtunity to make sure people know how to run in traffic or against the flow of traffic.....This is in the books of NYS too! Think about it, it makes sense.....if you run or walk against traffic you can always see what is coming your way, and you can have eye contact with drivers at all times. Whereas if you run with the direction of traffic you have to take those precious moments and turn around to see what is coming your way. I mean, I personally want to shave that reaction time and be able to jump out of the way quickly to avoid being hit or worse.
Check the video out:
So those are our lessons of the day....What will I teach you and Pam tomorrow?!?!??! Guess you'll have to come back to see,
See you soon,

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