Friday, January 23, 2015

More adventures in running.......

January 23, 2015-

Today we went for a short 3 mile run, we ran through our local middle school yard (cutting across to get to the other side.......then we ran towards the bagel place so that I could try to find some bagels in the parking lot.....because as everyone knows, we dogs love to search for and eat bits and pieces of bagels and all off the sidewalk (WHICH ARE FREE!) while our humans like to buy theirs at the bagel store! Go figure.......why on earth would you want to pay for something when you could get it for FREE??!!?! I mean please the bits and pieces are NOT going to kill a dog this confuses me a little! Okay, moving on.....after I found no bagels on the ground, we ran to the other side and for some reason Pam is perplexed at the fact that I pull her to go into the vet clinic......

Wait a minute, as you can see the name is the Vet Clinic is BEST FRIENDS....and yes, they truly are OUR BEST FRIENDS! I mean take a look at Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, Benji, and myself....we are all so very healthy.....and because of these great vets here we insist on going to see our BEST FRIENDS!
After we went in and had some water they provided us during our run, we left hydrated and headed for the dog walking/ running trails in Nesconset- I must admit- Smithtown is a very dog friendly area. We have our TOWN dogpark, COUNTY dogpark, lots of dog walking trails, and the beaches are open to us from October to April.....basically the off season times but honestly if you go when the beaches are not crowded during the season (officials may look the other way, just remember to pickup after your dog, and have respect for other park users, and if you do come across others when you have your dog, make sure your dog is not in their face- unless invited and even then hold us back a bit!) SMITHTOWN ROCKS!
Okay, so before we hit the trails, I met a puppy and had to go say HI....dragging Pam behind me ......The puppy was a little excited and kinda cute I wish we could have been off leash, BUT Pam wanted to continue our run! So we headed for the trails and finished our shot run!

Check out the video of the day here to experience our run along with us:

After we got back, I got lucky and Benji was out so we headed out for a walk with Benji- about 1.25 miles.......
Well, Pam has to get going so I need to finish this up so she can turn off the computer, until tomorrow's adventure,
Check out our new book.....I co authored it with my pack!


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