Saturday, January 17, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- What is in store this year!

January 17, 2015-

Okay Pam and I have finalized our race schedule for this year.....(with a few possible races- they we going to play by ear on!) Oh our training will resume tomorrow after several days off from a slide/ fall that Pam took as she was in tow of ME!

First, our marathon training starts on February 2.....our first run/ race maybe the Run for the Hill of it 10k on March 29th.......this run/ race will be more of a run than a race, if we indeed do it! Our training will tell us if we do indeed go ahead and run it!

Our first official run/ race will be the St James 5 mile run on April 18th, and I must admit that these hills are just as difficult as well as ALOT more scenic and quiet.....and LONGER distances can be run on these hills, as well as SAFER! Oh did I mention you have the beach right there for the summer weather runs!

Then on May 24th, we will be running our very own marathon (hopefully raising money for Kent Animal Shelter!)......In fact, we will be running from Smithtown to Kent Shelter in Calverton. Which is 26.2 miles! You can donate to a great cause and help out those animals that only want to share their unconditional love with you, here:

To donate to my marathon fundrasier, all money goes directly to Kent Animal Shelter:

You can follow our training for this event on this blog as well as Skyler's blog:
After that race, we have a few weeks of training to go..... before our next event which is....drum roll please, (oh, this event is also Skyler's event- and in fact, we will be counting on Skyler to be our coach in our training for this event especially.......

on July 19- the NYC AMC DOGGY DASH......
Skyler knows this course and all it has to offer very well as she ran it in 2009 and she will be sharing her expertise with Scout to prepare him for what's to come!
This race is a little pricey for a 5 mile race BUT  we run alongside the triathletes and halfway through the race the AMC provides vets and vet techs to check the dogs temps, provide ice baths for the dogs, and check their paws, etc....and basically cater to the dogs. Wait, what about Pam.....doesn't she get any attention?....Ok, I will provide that attention to her- Skyler just told me as I was typing this blog that that's what she did and Pam was happy with that!
The race after that is the Running of the Bull 5k on September 26th, we did this last year......Pam may be training for another marathon in November at this time so we may end up doing more long runs at this time like last year!
Oh, the marathon would be the Myles Standish Marathon in Plymouth, MA!
Pam will be hitting up a race that I will not be able to run at all- in November, which is the Northport 4k XC race... but she assures me I will be running the next day!
As you can see there are not a lot of races scheduled for this year but of the races mentioned we want to do our best  at each and every one and get the full benefit of each one.....
Okay, until tomorrow when we resume training again,
Have a great night,

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