Monday, January 26, 2015

As January come to an end.....

January 26, 2015-

As January comes to an end the final Monday of the month has brought on a blizzard. Pam and I got a short, quick run in before the snow came full bore. Although with the wind blowing toward us in the first half of the run, the snow was blinding Pam and I ended up having to run even more carefully than I usually do with her. To top it all off it was cold out, although Pam decided to really bundle up for her run, so she was nice and toasty. I was warm too because she tried not to go to slow, but with the snow in her face and having to squint half the way she had to keep the speed down for the first half.

Tomorrow, I have a feeling the workout will be watching Pam shovel the snow- and then working out indoors.......doing some Doga and all. Pam did promise to either make an igloo or at least a dugout in the backyard where we can enjoy the snow and the grass all at once (and have a place to well you know without really needing to go tracking in the snow to go!....But we will still make tracks in the snow for fun! And this I cannot wait for, Skyler tells me it's lots of fun!

The entire eastern border of the USA is shutdown practically! Can you imagine that?!??!?!? Ok, at least the Northern portion of it.......We went shopping yesterday to make sure we had enough food for a few days in case we are snow bound. So we are ready for a few days of being home bound! The stores were all packed and apparently the shelves are empty in all the store around us......

Ok, tomorrow I hope to have lots of snowy photos and videos of Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, Benji, and come on back and check in.......

Until tomorrow,

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