Thursday, January 1, 2015

Scouts New Training Blog Day One

January 1, 2015-

This is me, training partner Pam and I are in training for a self made event.....we intend on running a long run from our house to an unchosen (at this point) point out east on Long Island....We were thinking of possibly running out to where we first met at Kent Animal Shelter.....then running out along the North Shore of Long Island sounded good too!.....
We would be doing this as a fundraiser for possibly Kent Animal Shelter or for a local charity that supports dogs and veterans together.....this point is undecided now but in the next few week as our training progresses we have more details about this adventure of ours.
Today we went for a nice 5k run.....and at about 2 miles Pam took out the camera and shot me running take a look....I think I can take her on any day! I can out run her whenever! HA!......
Can you see her trying to keep up with me?!?!??!
Check out our new book.....I co authored it with my pack Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, and Benji....and oh yeah, Pam!

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