Friday, January 9, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- Early to Rise

January 9,2015-

This morning Pam and I hopped in the truck and took off for Northport, we were meeting a group of people for a run!.....We had no idea how many people would be there, if others would accept running with me, where and how far we were running, etc.....We did however forget our headlamps and reflective gear as it was still dark out. Oops, fortunately, we were careful and so were the others that ran without their gear! Lesson learned put the lights, reflective gear, and all in one easy to grab spot for those early morning or late night runs!

As we drove up to meet everyone we met Bill, he fortunately is a fan of dogs, as he has his lab that he walked earlier just before the run! Ha, I got to run today! Maybe we'll still meet, time will tell- if not I have my pack at home that I work out with, sleep with, and just pal around with! I love Skyler and Sandy and Candycane!

Anyway, we ended up running a total of 5 miles through the streets and trails of Northport. And if you live within close proximity of the trails you could hear my howl around miles 2 and 3! Pam had to stop and laugh as this was the first time I started howling running with other people! It was the talk of the run, I was the talk of the run! Jim also knows his dogs, he was able to guess my breed and know I was not a pure breed- I am a MUTTIGREE! And darn proud to be.

About 1.5 miles in I had to go to the bathroom, Pam should have been prepared with a bag ready and all. Lesson Two learned for Pam- HAVE A BAG READY- she wasted to much time tearing the bag from the rest and opening it, if she was prepared she wouldn't have had the others or me wait as long as she did!

Oh and around 4 miles, I had to catch Mike- Pam was forced to run and pass everyone.....hey, no was going to pass me up!....Now if only I could get Pam to run in front ALL the time!

In the end, we had a great time and I could have went further BUT I will give it to Pam for rejoining the others for a great group run. I see what Skyler was telling me about these runs now!

See you tomorrow for more training updates......Gotta start a marathon training schedule this coming week as well- that should be fun!

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