Sunday, January 4, 2015

Training Blog- All about Rest Days!

January 4,2015-


Today Pam decided today was the rest day....and yes, rest days should be built into any training schedule as your body needs appropriate time to recover. Now that doesn't mean to sit on the couch and vegout. Or go hogwild with the cakes and cookies. It means to rest from one form of training, add in some core workouts, or swimming or do something different. Eat right, fuel the body with good nourishing (hopefully plant based foods). Hydrate yourself just as much as if you were running because tomorrow is another run day!

In the meantime, we have been thinking of a plan of attack for our fundraiser and who to fundraise for.......and we came up with fundraising for Kent Animal Shelter (the details will be worked out hopefully this week with the head of the shelter, maybe we can get volunteers to meet and greet us at several mile markers, etc....and plenty of news coverage to spread the word about Kent Animal Shelter.

The distance from my home to Kent Animal Shelter is just under a marathon distance taking one way. And if I head a little further north I can get an Ultramarathon distance in. I think hitting up the marathon distance, (adding about 1/2 mile somewhere would be ideal though!) There are other shelters along the way, and Veterinary clinics that we could stop at to make sure Scout and I are still okay to move forward. I know both of us can run up to 22 miles already the next 4.2 miles will be the challenge. I will have someone following me in a car to make sure I have water, and or added fuel, I need my bagels to keep carbed! Oh yeah, for Pam too!

So this is our latest decision-the run will take place in the spring sometime we are thinking in May!
Again details will be worked out with the head of Kent Animal Shelter in the next few weeks......if not sooner!

I'm ready to run, I hope Pam is ready too!

Check back tomorrow for more training blogs from us!

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