Sunday, January 11, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- Details

January 11, 2015-

WOW! Can you believe it, almost halfway through January!.......I can hardly believe it. Anyway, Pam and I have come up with the details for our marathon and training plan....we have things ready to go.....

Here are some of the details:

Training starts on February 2, 2015......

The marathon will take place on May 24, 2015

We will be raising money for Kent Animal Shelter, you can donate here:
We will be blogging everyday to let you follow along with our training and hopefully have you train right along with us!
The course will be from our house in Smithtown ending up at Kent Animal Shelter via Rt 25.....we will be training this course from time to time so if your local give us a toot of your horn or a shout out to us.....calling my name may not be the best idea unless traffic is light, so that your not calling me into traffic with Pam right behind. So opt for the horn and a wave!
or give us a shout on your favorite social media- facebook at Pamela Schmidlin, Twitter-theDogRunner, etc......I will give you all the specifics as training comes closer......
Until the marathon we will be doing a few races together, including the St James 5 Miler.......we will be staying towards the back of the crowd, and Pam will keep a tight hold of my lead, ( she may even put spots on me to make me look like a dalmation!)No, I kinda looks like one now- I said KINDA!......physique wise and white with brown and black patches!......anyway, I can pass for the day!......Maybe I'll get the prize for matching the AWESOME tshirts and doing them proud!....Hint- St James FD!.......
Pam will talk further about running with me and all with the St James FD, and details to keep ALL safe, because safety for all is important to me.....YES ALL! I figure it this way, I want to keep running with my dog and have others do the same and if I care others may follow and if others follow we can set a precedent of running safely together and soon running with your dog will be a normal and allowed thing to do in races. BUT precedents need to be set FIRST!
Pam thinks Sunday is a REST day, yeah right, let's go Pam!
I really want February 2 to get here, I keep telling Pam to get going and run! Until then we will be running and blogging so keep checking back for our daily blogs!
See you soon

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