Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- Pupilates 101

January 14, 2015-

Today Pam decided to take it easy today because of yesterday's SLIDE down the hill......oops! Sorry Pam! And also because it was bitter cold out and it was tough getting up today!

So we stuck to indoor workouts.....nevertheless totally worthwhile!

We did some basic Pupilates exercise- here is the chosen exercise of the day......

For Humans: we call it the BASIC PLANK on the SWISS BALL!
Basically you do a plank raised up on a Swiss Ball.

For Dogs: it's the same basic principal......we are working on strengthening our cores and legs during this exercise! Your human will assist you here by putting one hand on the ball so that it doesn't roll away from you. And hopefully if they are kind enough will guide your front paws up on the ball with a treat in their other hand. Watch the video for both human and dog exercises! And if you have more than one dog in your household you can take turns on the ball while the other spots you and your human!

Until tomorrow where you find out what training we have in store, have a great day and try this exercise with your best friend!


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