Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Scouts Blog- Safety Wednesday!

January 7, 2015-
PLEASE remember to be safe at all times! And as the temperatures drop monitor your dogs time outside! Bring them in and do not leave them outside at night!

Yesterday here on Long Island we got a little bit of snow and with the snow the trucks came out to sand (and salt the roads).......they do in fact use a mixture of the two here on LI! So we'll be talking about this today.

Okay, first and foremost, we of course protect our feet by putting shoes on them and making sure they're a good fit and are comfortable right??!?!

Just the same we should be doing this for our dogs paws, in the winter time to protect their paws from the elements we have a couple of choices.......we can either choose to put doggie boots on their paws or we can opt to put a protective wax on their paws (actually most dogs until they are used to the boots and putting them on may opt for the wax......)but it is a personal choice between you and your dog to be made.

And after your walk or run, remove the boots or take a papertowel/ towel/ etc and wipe your dogs paws. Even if you use the boots you do not want to leave them on as your dog can chew on them to get the off or start to lick them which is not good for them to digest!

Just a tip to keep you and your dog safe and happy while stay happy and healthy!
See you tomorrow for yet some more training updates!

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