Sunday, January 25, 2015

More about February training and fundraiser......

January 25,  2015-

With a week to go before our training officially begins.....Skyler's training and fundraiser as well......Sandy's training and fundraiser......and Candycane's training and fundraiser. We will talk more about our training today....all the other training coincides with my Skyler's training will be concentrating on our core, legs, and arms.......Sandy's training will be concentrating on our inner health and will challenge us to eat even healthier and cleaner than we have been eating before.....we will be following and dedicating ourselves to our new upcoming book- which will be written during this time as well......the lifestyle being followed will be a compilation of the Paleo Vegan, Vegan, and Raw Vegan til 4 Lifestyles as well as being coupled with the doggy lifestyle. We will be visiting our local veterinarian as well to have them ok, our lifestyle choices from time to time!
And Candycane's challenge to be stress free and really get a good nights SLEEP!......All these combined work can join us for the challenges or follow along and donate money to your favorite charity......ALL the links will be listed in my blog starting tomorrow!

We do hope to go talk to someone from Pam's old school to help us shoot our videos and stills for our blogs and Pam can really only do so much!......And we want to really bring you quality in our blogs from now on!

Okay, more to come tomorrow,

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