Thursday, January 22, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- To the Dogpark......

January 22, 2015-

Today Pam had to be barked at to get going, she made me wait while she got everything together- IMAGINE THAT....I mean how rude!

Once we got going I decided to do our usually course backwards, and to hit up some trails at the park up the road. The trails there have a few small hills.....for some reason, Pam is being very cautious on running down trails with me! I am not sure why.....uummmm.....moving on......

At the end of the trail that is made especially for the dogs by the way, is the local dogpark. No one was there but I wanted to go in and be off leash for a bit. I wonder if Pam got the off leash thing or if she just thought hey there are no other dogs in there......

Do you think she got that I really want to get into the park!?!??! Watch this short video:

Anyway, if she liked it when I ran her UP the hill on the trails though, at least she let me go fast there!....Geez.....we'll get back to running downhill trails again- in the meantime I will enjoy every step with my best friend Pam. After we left the dogpark we passed by the library, and then went to search for B-A-G-E-L-S!.....Sadly, I could not carb up but when we got home I was able to recarb with some treats that Pam gave the pack!
Oh yeah, as we were finishing up our run a nice 4 mile run at that, with a 1/2 mile left, I decided to air out my ears and let them flop over my head so Pam would only see the pink insides of my ears on the top of my head ......she laughed behind me.....and I knew all was good for the run today! (I wish she got my picture for that one- you'd love it!)
Until tomorrow's adventure.....
Have a great run,

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