Monday, January 19, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- No Ice Today.....

January 19, 2015-

After her falls/ slides and the black ice yesterday, Pam tended to be a little cautious today as we headed out for our run.....which was understandable!...

Today, we headed out for a 3 mile run......locally.....I saw a cat about halfway through our run and started my howling, and so wanted to chase it, but Pam brought me back to our run and we went on our merry way.

She reminded me that I have two events coming up in the next few months......

I think I am already ready for them but Pam wants to be extra sure that we can both handle the runs and obstacles that lie ahead. So I shall humor her and train right along with her. I mean afterall she will be on the other end of the leash and she is getting me out to where I want to be.....RUNNING!
I have a whole team working with me to get two weeks, the details of our training will be the subject of our daily blogs......
We will be adding some extra training tidbits that we MUST do to be ready for the upcoming runs at hand.  I cannot wait to see what my coaches, Pam- Skyler- and Sandy have in store for us......Will we be hitting up different areas?....Will we be doing other forms of exercises?.....What is in store?.......Pant- Pant....I cannot wait, for training to begin!
Pam is going to either include a link or snapshot of her Nikeplus workout info and all for you to follow along with.......this will show details of our runs throughout our training and how we are progressing.
Oh my two weeks to go......hopefully Pam's black and blues will be all gone and she'll be running ouch free......until then I'll take it easy on her!
Until tomorrow,

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