Tuesday, June 30, 2015

And this month.......

July 1, 2015-

Ok, so later this month we will be running the NYC AMC Doggy Dash run at the same time as the NYC TRI! The race is only 18 days away......Pam and I have been training for the event. Since we have the miles down (as we ran our marathon the end of May and trained the distance for months prior) we are training more for temperatures that we might face, and for the crowds that we will be coming across especially the first mile or two when I am brimming with energy.....once I get into the run I tend to be a little more quiet and not as much into wanting to say hello to everyone I meet......I think all my canine friends are the same way! Or at least most of them!.....Of course, once I have my mandatory 5 minute break I will most likely have to start that all over again- but I should be used to the crowds and all......Hey Pam can you take my temperature so I can get used to it?!?!?!? Some dogs do not like anyone sticking that cold thermometer up their butt, uugghh...just thinking about it!

We ran for a good 40 minutes today.....ok, we walked for 10 minutes at one point because we were supposed to run 20 minutes......really these short runs are driving me crazy. I mean I want to run not wuss out......Maybe we'll get to go to the dogpark tomorrow as a reprieve from these short runs. We did end up running up to the dogpark today, but just up towards the park without any stop there! What a tease!

Ok, so there are some challenges coming up for us this week......we'll talk more about this in tomorrows blog! See ya then!

Until tomorrow have a happy tail waggin' day,

Sunday, June 28, 2015

NYC AMC Doggy Dash 2015

June 28, 2015-

In a mere three count them 1-2-3 weeks we'll be heading into the city for the 8th Annual Doggy Dash. Back in 2008, Pam volunteered to help out for the doggy dash because she was too late to register, it at that time was called the IAMS Doggy Dash. In 2009 and 2010, it was also called the IAMS Doggy Dash. The last few years it has changed to the AMC Doggy Dash! Of course the AMC was always a HUGE part of the event. They checked the dogs out the day before and were part of the briefing on the whole event. Making sure our two legged companions knew how to run with their dogs properly and what to look for if their dog became ill or injured! And at the halfway point, or 2.5 miles through the race the dogs are required to take a mandatory 5 minute rest period, where the vet techs working the event would take their temp, check their paws, and have ice baths and packs to cool us off! We are the stars of the show in the Doggy Dash not our two legged friends. I remember Skyler telling me all about her great races and I hope to run as well as she did with Pam! Keeping in mind the Doggy Dash (along with the triathlon) is in mid July in NYC, on pavement, I am glad that they really care enough to have all these wonderful vet techs and vets on hand to help out our human running partners! They do have water stops for our humans along the way.....and sprinklers to run through! Pam is just hoping that I do not pull her way off course to avoid the sprinklers! I think I may be inviting the cool water being sprayed on me during the Dash though! Am I getting excited.....of course I am?!?!??! I am probably more excited to meet my fellow canine companions and all. And then to hang out with them at the end!

Ok, so as I contain my excitement tonight, with only 3 weeks left until the big day.......I will join you again tomorrow for another update on how we're getting through on our training.....I hope all my fellow runners are training with their companions and having a tail waggin' time!

On that note,
have a happy tail waggin' day,

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Long Runs and Volunteering......

June 27,2015-

Today we had the longest run of our training for our upcoming 5 mile run.....a whopping 7 miles.....so we set out nice and early, that is we set out at 6am this morning. It was nice and cool and we finished strong.....we stopped and walked at a few spots to get ready to give it our all for another mile or so but we did it. We completed all 7 miles, there were a few smallish hills, some flats, but we still got the "LONG" run in.....

For Pam's marathon training, she chose to do some cross training for the rest of her miles for the day, so she dropped me off and brought Sandy and Candycane inside and off she went for a nice 9 miles on bike. So she rode up to cheer on her fellow GLIRC and Northport runners at the Run Around the Lake 4 mile Run in Lake Ronkonkoma. She came across the first water stop where the lady was all alone filling water cups so she asked to fill her water bottle up, and felt she had to volunteer a little and help her out to "pay" for the water she partook in......Once the runners starting coming, the water went fast, so instead of watching the runners and all, she jumped in once again and filled some water cups for the runners, there was a hold up  at the water station but the runners had the option of three upcoming water stations! So I want to put a challenge out there to volunteer whenever your help is needed. You do not need to get anything out of it, ok, in this case she got some water to fill her water bottle but I think she sufficiently worked it off. And the wonderful cub scout leader didn't feel like I was doing it for nothing, etc.......Pam did find out we lived fairly close to one another so in the future we hope to run into her and say hello again. Pam was sorry to leave her before the cleanup portion of things got underway, she had to get back to us....hey we need to eat and Pam needs her green smoothie so she can get her energy fix after the unexpected volunteering!

Oh yeah, by the way, it was a lucky ride as she also found a dollar riding along the path in the park in Lake Ronkonkoma- I want to play the lotto with Pam today.....I think it could be a winning dollar......if it is a big winner there will be a donation to our favorite charity!

With Paws Crossed,
Have a happy tail waggin' day,

Friday, June 26, 2015

24 days left.......

June 26, 2015-

WOW! We only have 24 days left until the Doggy Dash can you believe it? In the next week or two I hope to go check out the course with Pam in Central Park but there are no guarantees this will happen......

Pam is still going Raw Vegan.......still working on her lung exercises......and has added some cross training into her training, for her marathon training she is running with me then switching to the bike to get some added miles in.......So, hopefully the rain this weekend doesn't start until noon time.......after she gets back from our run and then her ride. But our garden outside could use some nice rain. We planted some seeds we got from the jackfruit we had and guess what there are actually little shoots coming up.....we'll see how they grow and come along or not come along in the coming weeks! We were pleasantly surprised to see something today....how awesome!

Ok, so I just wanted to update you on our training....we rest, while Pam rode 5 miles......tomorrow we run 17 miles then Pam will ride about 9 or 10 miles.

Until tomorrow,
Have a happy tail waggin day,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Missed ya.....

June 23, 2015-

Ok, I just  wanted to say a quick Hello! I've missed a few days of blogging, but still nevertheless training up a storm......

Today Pam left me behind as she did a 11 mile bike ride.....after not riding for sometime she finally got her bike up and running again! So she kept her ride short and sweet! But tomorrow we will do a run where we run 4 mins on at a 5 mile run pace, and then taking it slower for a min or two.......I think I will pull her towards the dogpark....we will do this for 5 miles.

Pam is still going strong with her Raw Vegan challenge, although she needs to totally forget about the nuts for awhile I think. And she did have some plantain chips (I think they were dehydrated, possibly baked- but it was the only thing possibly unraw!) Pam prefers to think of them being dehydrated! For the next 4 days I challenge Pam to only do smoothies and raw vegan ice cream......we have the frozen bananas and frozen strawberries!

Oh yeah, Pam found she does like Vita Coco Coconut water BUT prefers Zico Coconut Water the taste is more like fresh coconut water. Coconut water is just as hydrating as plain water, tap water. BUT it has potassium and electrolytes that are needed when being active especially in the summer months. And sshhh.....it has more potassium than a banana, wait that is between us- don't tell the monkeys!

On that note, please drink filtered tap water rather than bottled water. Bottled water isn't as healthy as one would think......we'll talk more about this in another blog though!

Until later,
have a happy tail waggin' day,

Sunday, June 21, 2015

21 Day Experiment

June 21, 2015-

Today Pam is starting an experiment for herself, she is going to be training her lungs! What?!?!?!

Yes, I said training her LUNGS!....For the next 21 days Pam will be using the CVS Respiratory Trainer twice a day. This will help her inhale and exhale more with every breathe! That is breathe easier and feel better, which in turn will improve her athletic performance. she will use the endurance and strength training modes alike. This will take a total of like 10 minutes a day max.

 As far as myself goes I do not need to train my lungs or at least not yet as I need Pam to run more efficiently to catch up with me!......But I will have her learn CPR in case I need a breathe of air from her in the future! I will have her do the CPR blog for you this coming week.....as it is something EVERY pet companion should know, or even if you walk past the local dogpark everyday, hey you never know your services maybe needed while walking by! And anyone who gives CPR will bring out the HERO that is in all of us! Yes, WE ALL have the ability to be a HERO let's try to prepare ourselves to do so in times of need!

Ok, as I get Pam going on the CPR blog, I will put in my words as we learn together,
Have a happy tail waggin' day,
and for you fathers out there, Happy Fathers Day!, (Happy Fathers Day Dad wherever you are!),

Saturday, June 20, 2015

We will be off and running in Central Park soon.......

June 20, 2015- 

As of today, we are 4 weeks away from the NYC AMC Doggy Dash. We want to invite all our fellow 4 and 2 legged companions and new friends that are running with us to be part of our blog. We want to make sure as many of them get their time in the spotlight! As they are stepping out and setting great examples for others. Everyone should be out and Getting their leash on, to remain healthy and happy!

Can you believe it 4 more weeks?!?!?! Summer is officially starting this weekend! Doggy Ice Cream days are upon us now- oops, that was supposed to be a hint for Pam! She makes some awesome ice cream that can be shared among dogs and humans alike! You can find the recipe in our book "Get Your Leash On!" Anyway.....we ran our 4 miles today with a quick stop at the dogpark of course, and felt great about it all! Pam is going strong with her raw vegan lifestyle again.....here's hoping she can make it work forever! She made raw vegan "donuts" and put some cashew cream on top of them, and hey- I found I like cashews and stole the bag- I didn't want to give them up either! We know cashews aren't totally raw, to eat them raw isn't really possible, that is for humans. There are some nuts that dogs shouldn't have but cashews thankfully aren't on that list! Whereas macadamias are on that list! So people be warned!

Ok, so that is my short easy blog for the day......tomorrow we have a easy run and then we'll talk more about be ready for the Doggy Dash some more. I want to be sure all my 4 legged pals are ready for all that the Dash has to offer! And if your just running with your dog I want to be sure you and your pal are safe all around and can have a blast together!

Until tomorrow,
have a happy tail waggin' day,

Friday, June 19, 2015

Let's be real and raw......

June. 19, 2015-

Today is Day 4 of Pam on her Raw Vegan Journey......she feels greater and non deprived! Although being that she has been drinking so much water and having so many water based foods (which we all need to replenish what we lose everyday) she has been going to the bathroom a lot! But that's ok, because I (and the rest of my pack are well hydrated as well and we need to water the backyard all the time!) It does mean we have healthy kidneys. And these organs are not to be taken for granted!

The photo above to the right are Pam and myself being REAL and RAW, it was taken months ago BUT I feel it fits the title of this particular day......today Pam is going to rest her feet as her right heel has been bothering her, so she'll be having her banana smoothies- Freelee the Banana Girl (http://thebananagirl.com/) would be so proud of her today......
 Yes, to the right that is the Banana Girl and Pam in Manhattan on a summer day a few years ago! That was a few days before the Woodstock Fruit Festival, Pam hopes to make it there one year! Could this be the year?!!??! Time will tell......

 Pictured to the right is a green smoothie....but Pam will be having fruit smoothies without the greens for breakfast and lunch, not sure about adding the greens today though we shall see....since she has some Vega Nutritional Shake mix she may add a scoop here until she finishes it so as NOT to waste anything, Pam hates wasting food as too much food is thrown out in this world to begin with!

Although Pam needs desperately to go food shopping, she is debating whether or not to go today or not.....if she does it will be a quick pickup of stuff and she will get home to rest for tomorrows run ("long") run.....she will also be wear her foot angel to help with her heel......it really works! And yes Pam will be getting some coconut water today for some awesome recipes that Kristina has given us on her website and youtube channel!

On that note, if you are going on the Raw Vegan Lifestyle Challenge best of luck, your body will thank you for it later,
Have a happy tail waggin' day,

Thursday, June 18, 2015

On our way.....

June 18,2015-

Alright, so yesterday was a light cross training day.....today we run.....oh here are our training schedule for this and next week!

Monday- 40 min Crosstraining
Tuesday- 20 min Temp Run + 3 hill repeats
Wednesday- 30 min Crosstraining
Thursday- 4 min @5 mile pace effort X 3
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 5 Mile LR
Sunday- 3 Mile ER
Monday- 40 min Crosstraining
Tuesday- 20 min Temp Run + 3 hill repeats
Wednesday- 30 min Crosstraining
Thursday- 4 min @5 mile pace effort X 4
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 7 Mile LR
Sunday- 3 Mile ER
Okay, so now that you can keep up with us.......Pam is doing well with her transition back to her raw vegan lifestyle. She needs to go get some fruits and veggies today......she has enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today then she'll need some more fruit and veggies!
As well as shopping at Whole Foods, she will be shopping at Costco as well from now on, as she wants to buy large quantities of fruits and veggies.....the price is a bit better and Costco is carrying more organic stuff than ever before now......and if she cannot get organic conventional produce will do just fine......BUT GMO's shouldn't even be allowed to be sold at all! YIKES!
Anyway, we are headed out shortly for our run today.....it will be a short one but a good one....the temps this week area little cooler.....but still going high! Let's just say the windows were open all day yesterday and through the night......the doggie door was open all day yesterday, yet I opted to lie at Pam's feet all day long! Sandy at my feet, and Candycane at hers!.....Whenever she went outside I went outside, she was told I was an escape artist when I adopted her, BUT heck I don't want to escape. Let's just say Pam can let me out and go inside to do some work and I will just lie next to the truck or the fence and chill until she comes out and Get's My Leash On! Then we'll go for our run and afterwards we'll go inside for a bite to eat and chill inside!
Until tomorrow,
have a happy tail waggin' day,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cleaning out the cupboards......

June 17, 2015-

Alright so we are in week two of our training, that means we have 5 weeks until the Doggy Dash.....hopefully all my fellow canines are training for the hills we are about to overrun! Our training should consists of training to be able to handle the hills as well as be able to run around or with other athletes without our leashes get in the way to cause injury! Or so that we do not try to jump in front of another athlete to say hello or get in their way. Very important!

Ok, so Pam and I ran our tempo run yesterday.....we ran a short 20 minutes at about a 8:30 min per mile pace. We're working on it.......

Today we do some cross training.....maybe we'll do some hill walking to strengthen our legs. Pam also needs to do some lung exercises, she will be experimenting these weeks with a machine that was just purchased to do just that! More on that tomorrow........

Then Pam has been cleaning out the cupboards sorta speak......she has decided to go raw vegan once again. This means eating only fresh fruits and veggies, and raw at that. So the next 21 days, will be the challenge she will be doing, actually 20 more days as yesterday was the first day. She does have some frozen veggies which she will be finishing up so she will be steaming veggies for dinner for a few days but after that TOTALLY raw again. I hope she can do it, because she felt great the last time- at least that is what Skyler www.fullyraw.com as Kristina has some awesome raw vegan recipes and walks her talk and sometimes runs! Although Pam is a week behind.
told me, as I wasn't here at that time! I will try to help her by stealing the non raw foods away from her if she goes for them! Yeah......doggie see lifestyle or as most people would call it a diet....I prefer lifestyle though! She is doing the challenge presented by

There are a lot of things going on today so I need to go now, and Pam needs to go ahead and make her smoothie to start her day fully raw and nourished.

So until tomorrow,
have a happy tail waggin' day,

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Weekend Blog.....

June 13 and 14, 2015-

So I missed you all yesterday, BUT with our friend Buddy staying here for a few days we are dedicating more time to him than not, so therefore I didn't blog. I like running around with him in the backyard sometimes, although he does tend to want to mark a lot for his own! Anyway, On Saturday Pam and I ran 4 miles stopping midway at the dogpark and on Sunday we ran 3 miles again shortening the course and stopping halfway at the dogpark. I do love running the trails though, especially when there are rabbits hopping about and other dogs being walked or run! Hold on Pam, here we go I say, so step it up and get going because I am not stopping until I get to my four legged friends ahead!

We got ahold of a copy of LIPetLover (also the same .com) but we got the printed issue in the local supermarket. And there was a page on Saving your Pet with CPR! Do you know how to perform CPR on your pet?......No, alright later today I will be doing an extra blog to talk about this and give a mini lesson on how to do so. I have to say there are official classes on this that are given and I will tell you where to go for them in the next blog. This is something every pet owner should know and being that I run with my dogs a lot, being on the run and not always by my local vet knowing first aid could come in handy for most of us! So let's take some time to learn more about helping our best friends in time of need!

See ya later,
Until then keep those tails happily waggin'.

Friday, June 12, 2015


June 12, 2015-

Let's talk about appreciation today and not taking anything for granted. A friend of the family is going through some surgery today and it got us thinking. Little simple tasks we do everyday, like walking and seeing and hearing or driving (ok dogs do not drive but honestly we would probably drive better than most people), there are so many people and dogs that are unable do these everyday tasks. Even things like going to the bathroom, there are people that have difficulty with this what should be a normal routine for everyone.  BUT for one reason or another they may not be able to do so. Whether due to old age, neurological problems, or an accident they may have had.

For my fellow runners that talk about going to the bathroom DURING a run- be in my 4 legged companions or my two legged alike. Think about it this way....at least you can go! This means your normal and your body is working correctly. Take it as a blessing in disguise! Sophie posed the thought in the Golden Girls, when she said I don't know why blessings wore disguises, if she were one she'd run around naked!

So this is something we were thinking about today as we thought about our family friend and his family who are going through a lot!

What do you take for granted and how can you change your ways to stop taking things for granted?!??!?!?

Until tomorrow,
have a tail waggin' day,

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hot Times!

June 11, 2015-

Today Pam and I ran 4 mins at a 5 mile pace, or at least the best to date that we could run......then we rest for a minute before doing it again. We did this 4 times.......we were too fast but we brought on a little speed. We figure we can try to keep up with our fellow canine and human companion friends at the NYC AMC Doggy Dash- hey, maybe someone will run our speed! I think that today we also got a taste of the hot temps that we should be having on July 19th.....

We found out the 25 fellow canine friends that will be running along side of us....we cannot wait to meet them. You can read all about them and me at: www.nyctri.com/doggydash

Our soon to be NEW friends (virtually now!) are:

Grayson (last years 3rd place winner, thinking we'll see him at the start and finish at least)
Dakota Cahill
Dakota Keller
Marley (known to be seen throughout the racing scene)
We are still reading up on our soon to be new friends, hey maybe we can stop by our favorite outdoor café with some of them (if not all!) after the race and have some doggy ice cream and something for our two legged companions and get to know one another!
Skyler and Pam found out about protecting our paws back in 2009 when they were getting to run their first Doggy Dash. As the course pavement can get HOT, to protect our paws our two legged companions can go out and get Mushers Wax to apply to our paws! Pam found something similar from Four Paws called Paw Guard.
 You can also use doggy booties to protect their paws. These are just a few things to think about and have on hand.....as temps can rise in the next 5 weeks! Also whenever you can use the grassy sides to walkways, roadways to allow your dog to avoid the HOT asphalt! Yes even in NYC's Central Park you can find grassy areas!

Also for both parts of our teams KEEP hydrated! We do not want to see anyone passing out because of dehydration! And even the short distances can lead to heat related injuries! Yes, training your body to take in fluids during the race can make or break a successful race!

Oh yeah I have to mention the featured athlete on the NYCtri.com website- Dr Robert Monaco, DVM. go to www.nyctri.com to read all about this accomplished athlete! As well as a friend of ours!

Until tomorrow,
have a happy tail waggin' day,


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ABsolutely into our training......

June 10, 2015-

Today we totally worked our core.....I helped Pam with her core workout, ending with some planks.......several minutes of them if I may add! She did great with this.....then we worked on some of my exercises, my favorite was the Tug of War! I really shook Pam up trying to get the rope away from her! You should have seen her flying about! Ha!

Before we played Tug of War, we did some uphill/ downhill walking with Benji. While making away to the dogpark where we met up with lots of dogs there.....YES, the dogpark was filled today! There was even another hound, and you would think that dog could howl more and better than me or so they thought, I kept quiet then Pam said let go and got me to give a run for my money. So I howled on command and the contest began, we howled back and forth, I think we tied! But it was nice to howl along with another hound dog!

Ok, so we are resting now getting ready for tomorrows training, a nice run.......that is! And searching the internet for a Shep Mix, female......to possibly  meet and greet and bring into our home. We are thinking of looking for a young possibly a puppy so that we can train her to be friendly with all and our best friend from the beginning!

Until tomorrow,
Have a happy tail waggin' day,

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hitting the road running......

June 9, 2015-

So today, was the first running day of our training and we hit the roads running! Finally we were running....after a nice break after our marathon, I finally got to run, honestly I thought I'd never run again, the break was never ending for me!

We ended up running at a nice pace- between 8:30 and 9:00 min mile pace for 20 minutes, then we ran some easy hill repeats to bring us for a nice 3 miles.

The weather was cool BUT there was a lot of humidity in the air, which made for a nice July race training day! That is to get used to hot humid temperatures in July. The temperature in our area did get warmer as the day progressed!

So tomorrow we will have more cross training in store.....so tune in and join us for some great core training and some Doga for the day!

Until tomorrow,
Have a happy tail waggin' day,

Monday, June 8, 2015

Let the games begin!

June 8, 2015-

It is time to sound the gun and let the games begin (ok, please do not actually set off a gun as I am a dog and dogs do not like and are sensitive to loud noises!

As I reported in yesterdays blog, today's training is 40 minutes of Cross Training, we run tomorrow......As Pam trains her core, I will do the same. I will help Pam with her lying leg raises, floor crunches, side crunches, Russian twists, and planks! And then Pam will be helping me out with some downhill/ uphill walking, a happy butt dance, paw power, standing on the stability ball, three legged stand, rocking on, rolling over, tug of war, stretching up and taking a bow, and sit up and beg.

We have our training set for us and then we'll be ready for tomorrow's workout when we once again run! For all those joining us......let's ((bang)) get started! Yes that was the proverbial gun from up above......we have officially started begun our training!

Until tomorrow,
have a happy tail waggin' day,

Sunday, June 7, 2015


June 7, 2015-

The excitement builds today as we get ready to start our NEW training program tomorrow.....yippee! Today however we will be cheering on the race that runs by our house. The race is Run for Brit, check out the website....http://www.breatheforbritt.org/, there is a photo of her on the homepage and I gotta say she looks like she was a dog lover. The cause is cystic fibrosis, not knowing too much about this disease or condition I cannot speak too much about it BUT I would hope the research that this organization supports doesn't test on animals! We are hoping to see a lot of our running friends pass on by as we go for our walk along the course or maybe just hanging out on our driveway! We'll see!

Other than that we will be cleaning the house, yeah this needs to be done, somehow things get messy every so often!

Have you ever wondered what a house would say if the walls could talk?.....Pam was wondering this yesterday and posed this question to me.....I mean the house we live in has been through so much, I mean the house is older than Pam. She pretty much grew up in the house as her grandparents lived there and before moving into his own house with Pam's mom, her Dad lived in the house with his brother and sisters and parents. There have been many dogs that lived in the house and have know the house well. The changes that have taken place the music played in it, the photos taken in it.....the activities that took place in the house! Wouldn't that be interesting for a house to write a book on their experiences?!?!?!? hhhmmmm......

Ok, That was just something that Pam was thinking about that I thought I'd share I mean how interesting a question!

Moving right along......this week our training looks like this:
Week 1:
Day 1: 40 min CT or Rest
Day 2: 20 min TR + 2 hill repeats
Day 3: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 4: 4 min @ 8K effort x 3
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: 4 miles LR
Day 7: 3 miles ER
CT= Cross Training
TR=Tempo Run
LR= Long Run
ER= Easy Run
We will also be doing some CORE training, helping one another out of course, this training is NOT part of any cross training but added workouts......here's what it consists of:
Lying Leg Raises (20 reps)
Floor Crunches (25 reps)
Side Crunches (15 reps each side)
Russian Twists (30 reps)
Plank (to failure)
for Pam.....
And the exercises recommended by the AMC in NY for me......
As far as looking for a new dog, the meetup did not go well so we are still on the prowl for a shepperd mix, a female, and fairly younger not necessarily a puppy......so if anyone has a heads up for us please let us know.....we are searching all of the rescues locally and in NYS!.....Of course they need to be good with other dogs and people. Just to add Sandy is holding her own and lying peacefully but our side right now, although she does tend to give us a bit of a scare from time to time!
Until tomorrow, the beginning of our new training,
have a tail waggin' day,

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Changing times......

June 6, 2015-

When I got to my home less than a year ago, I had the three of best friends ever, being my girlfriends Skyler and Sandy. A few months ago I lost my girlfriend Skyler, and these will be Sandy's final days. Pam has written a letter to Sandy to read to her so she knows that this is not the end of all of our time together. Skyler and the gang as waiting across the Rainbow Bridge for her, and we will all one day be together again their as our times come to cross over. Pam and I had planned on meeting a sheppard mix now named Sally at Kent Animal Shelter before Sandy goes on, and we hope to bring her home to meet Sandy so that Sandy can give her approval and meet her. By in no means are we ever replacing Skyler or Sandy, we are just helping fill these HUGE holes in our hearts and our lives that our dear wonderful best friends, our companions have left for the time being. If the meeting goes well we hope to bring Sally home and give her the name Sierra this weekend. Since Pam has gone through the adoption process and all before we hope there will be no problem in doing so. Of course, we know that this is something we must consider as blessing if it happens! We will explain out situation and hope for the best! We hope that the powers that be take into consideration Pam's role as dog trainer, health coach to the dogs as well as people, dog photographer (animal photographer specifically dogs), dog runner/ walker, and I hope I got all her titles there....oh yeah, author for animal health and wellness!

This weekend will be a tough possibly not so tough weekend depending on how things go.....also long with the awaiting of our new training schedule, which we are longing to start!

You can check out Sandy's blog for updates on her and her story this coming week!

Until tomorrow,
have a tail waggin' day,

Friday, June 5, 2015

Sit Up and Beg!

June 5, 2015-

For the final recommended exercise from the NYC AMC, we have the Sit Up and Beg!

Most of us already do this automatically. Come on admit it, whenever you see that mouthwatering food that your human just sat down to eat, you know what we all do....let's face it we all have done it once or twice if not still doing it! And then our humans tell us to stop begging, I'm sure you heard "No Begging!"

Good news friends, I have a reason for you to Sit Up and Beg....so go get your human best friend and have them read this.....yes, read on my two legged friends!

Sitting up and Begging is a GREAT exercise for the core! So encourage your dog to so! I am fortunate that Pam has never really stopped me from doing this, of course there are times when it is inappropriate to do so BUT if we learn when to and when not to we will be cute and adorable and get a great workout for the core. Oh and a great tasting treat- personally I like my Six Legged Companion Ice Cream Cones......You can see my best friend ever Skyler to the left enjoying her cone and me to the right enjoying mine. We'll write a blog with the recipe soon.

So anyway, I am giving you permission and am backed by the NYC AMC to Sit Up and Beg! I do want to add one warning.....if your dog has any back problems or is overweight please refrain from having your dog do this exercise. We do want to injure your dog, we want to strengthen their core!

If your dog has back problems there are other exercises to talk to your veterinarian about to help strengthen their core and not injure their back! And if your dog is overweight, it is time to GET THEIR LEASH ON and head out the door for a DAILY walk, at least once a day! If you do not have the time, you can always hire a dogwalker, or if you are unable to walk your dog. But if you can walk your dog PLEASE find the time to take a 10-15 minute walk once or twice a day!

Our training will start soon a short 3 days away from now, and we will be training for the NYC AMC Doggy Dash! Are you ready to train along with us?......Did you sign up for the Virtual Run to run along with us?!??!? In order to get the tshirt which is really cool.....you have to register before June 30th!

Okay, we are going to enjoy our last few days of rest,
Until tomorrow have a tail waggin' day,

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Rising Star!

June 4, 2015-

Ok, so we are back to go over a few recommended exercises that I will be putting into effect myself everyday starting next Monday. These once again are recommended by the NYC AMC.

Today we will be standing up and taking a bow for all our training efforts everyday!.....In fact yeah, we can do this as a stretch after our workouts! You know before we get that bagel to recarb with! Hehehehe.......

The exercise of the day is actually a two parter, here we go.....

Basically what we are doing is standing up on our hind legs- our two legged companions can help us do this.....they can hold a treat up above our heads high enough so we have to reach to get it (but not to high that we have no chance of getting that treat! LOL! Please do not tease us people!) We should be stretching our front paws out to try to reach and get the treat from you! If your dog needs a little help, let them put there front paws on you for a little added support!

The second part of this exercise is something we all do when we wake up in the morning, you know what it is- we all get up and do our morning stretch! We all do this when we want to play- it is also the sign for play time to our two legged friends, and of course our fellow canine companions!
Our human companions can help out by encouraging this action we do by giving it a name and telling us repeatedly when we naturally do it.....saying "take a bow" or "and now the star of the show".....and of course offering us our favorite treat, hey I love my treats, I gotta get them somehow right! (The treat can be food or a toy or a pat on the head, etc! Keep in mind it doesn't have to be any specific, ok specific to your dog, but just something your dog would love!)

This exercise benefits your dog because it provides needed extension of the spine! We can also do our versions of the same exercise by stretching on our tippy toes and reaching for the sky, then taking a bow after a great workout!

I am taking my bow in the photo above, after my performance in my training. I am a rising star are you today?

Until tomorrow,
have a tail waggin'day,

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

National Run Day 2015

June 3, 2015-

As you can see I am waiting and looking to go out and go for a run, short or long, as long as I get out there. Today is National Run Day.......this is a day where all the runners across the globe celebrate the art of running! This year we will just head out and go for a nice easy run and really enjoy every step we take along the way! We aren't sure exactly when or where we will head out to BUT we will put on our leashes and head out the door!

Since we're talking about running......Pam and I are inviting you to train with us virtually for our 5 mile run/ race coming up and then to sign up for our virtual race where you will be running alongside of us (now you can run on a treadmill, or better yet wherever in the world you are or want to run......)We will all sync up.....we will arrange the details with all participants in the next few weeks.....You will be able to start running the second we start running or you can run your 5 miles at anytime you wish!.....The main idea is to train for the event (afterall the journey is the important and fun part of it all, and I gotta say pretty darn exciting)......then run the 5 mile (or walk if your more of a walker).....ENJOYING every step along the way.....I am presently looking at giveaways for my participants! Don't worry both team members will get some great stuff! (You and your dog, or our Six Legged Companion Teams that is!)

I asked Pam to post the link to register for this race.....a portion of the proceeds will go towards Kent Animal Shelter. So without further adue here is the link to use:


It's an easy 5 miles.....although when you run or walk 5 miles you can burn a lot of calories and you can treat yourself to that creamy cupcake or a great massage afterwards, don't worry fellow canines I will blog about how to give us a proper massage! There is a simple easy way and certain things to consider, anyone can do it if done properly!

Hope you join us for the upcoming event, and of course join us in our blogs (which are posted on out facebook page as well) for 6 weeks of training for the run! So come on and Get Your Leash On!

Until tomorrows blog where we continue our series of exercises that the AMC in NY recommends,
have a tail waggin' Happy National Running Day,

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tug boat Rover!

June 2, 2015-

Today the exercise we all do....playing a game of tug of war with your dog! The AMC suggests to get your dog to pull straight back instead of going from side to side. To do this try to go as far down to the ground as possible with the rope or toy your playing tug of war with. This will work the front and hind legs.

Relax, this will help you as well! And hey it's lots of fun!

A good game of tug of war, is great exercise for you and your dog. Some of the benefits:

First your dog can improve strength and balance in their front and hind legs.
Second as you bend down to bring the tug toy close to the ground you can work your abs.
Third the act of tugging can be good to getting aggressions out on the tug!
and Fourth, it's just plain FUN and that alone is immeasureable to the quality of life to both you and your dog!

Ok, we are almost done with the suggested exercise from the NYC AMC, and a few short days away from starting our new training program....it will be weird not having a true long run! But we can work on other things rather than distance! 7 days left until we begin......Are you ready?....We may have a reason for you to train along with us tune in tomorrow and we'll discuss more about your opportunity.

Until tomorrow,
have a tug of war tail waggin' day,

Monday, June 1, 2015


June 1, 2015-

Rollover......today we'll be talking about rolling over. Yes, this is something the AMC in NY recommends to do with your dog!

Speaking of today, can you believe it is June already?!?!?!? Training is days away from starting for the Great NYC AMC Doggy Dash!

Ok moving right along......rolling over is easy to teach your dog ( I will admit some dogs will be more willing than others to rollover, so some time maybe needed for some dogs!) The level of trust needs to be there with your dog, as your dog will be totally submissive as he or she is on their back and at your mercy in a way while rolling over!

Ok, so here is what you do:
have your dog lie on their side- this is fairly easy as your dog will do this automatically most of the time. Relax, you can take your time training your dog to lie on his or her side as well! This is the first step though.....

Next have that treat for your dog ready, be in a food treat, or favorite toy, etc......and show it to them BUT do not give it to them yet!

Now hold the treat in front of their nose and slowly raise the treat over their head so that you pretty much going behind their head move the treat as slow as needed to get your dog to move their head along with the treat, their bodies will ultimately follow!

This could be taught immediately or may take sometime to train. BUT keep with it, not all dogs can do this and it can impress your friends as well.....Work with your dog, and build the trust between you and your dog to allow your dog to be able to lie down and rollover.

Now, go work on this with your dog and have some fun!

I have more for you tomorrow,
until then have a tail waggin' day,