Friday, June 12, 2015


June 12, 2015-

Let's talk about appreciation today and not taking anything for granted. A friend of the family is going through some surgery today and it got us thinking. Little simple tasks we do everyday, like walking and seeing and hearing or driving (ok dogs do not drive but honestly we would probably drive better than most people), there are so many people and dogs that are unable do these everyday tasks. Even things like going to the bathroom, there are people that have difficulty with this what should be a normal routine for everyone.  BUT for one reason or another they may not be able to do so. Whether due to old age, neurological problems, or an accident they may have had.

For my fellow runners that talk about going to the bathroom DURING a run- be in my 4 legged companions or my two legged alike. Think about it this least you can go! This means your normal and your body is working correctly. Take it as a blessing in disguise! Sophie posed the thought in the Golden Girls, when she said I don't know why blessings wore disguises, if she were one she'd run around naked!

So this is something we were thinking about today as we thought about our family friend and his family who are going through a lot!

What do you take for granted and how can you change your ways to stop taking things for granted?!??!?!?

Until tomorrow,
have a tail waggin' day,

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