Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Weekend Blog.....

June 13 and 14, 2015-

So I missed you all yesterday, BUT with our friend Buddy staying here for a few days we are dedicating more time to him than not, so therefore I didn't blog. I like running around with him in the backyard sometimes, although he does tend to want to mark a lot for his own! Anyway, On Saturday Pam and I ran 4 miles stopping midway at the dogpark and on Sunday we ran 3 miles again shortening the course and stopping halfway at the dogpark. I do love running the trails though, especially when there are rabbits hopping about and other dogs being walked or run! Hold on Pam, here we go I say, so step it up and get going because I am not stopping until I get to my four legged friends ahead!

We got ahold of a copy of LIPetLover (also the same .com) but we got the printed issue in the local supermarket. And there was a page on Saving your Pet with CPR! Do you know how to perform CPR on your pet?......No, alright later today I will be doing an extra blog to talk about this and give a mini lesson on how to do so. I have to say there are official classes on this that are given and I will tell you where to go for them in the next blog. This is something every pet owner should know and being that I run with my dogs a lot, being on the run and not always by my local vet knowing first aid could come in handy for most of us! So let's take some time to learn more about helping our best friends in time of need!

See ya later,
Until then keep those tails happily waggin'.

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