Tuesday, June 30, 2015

And this month.......

July 1, 2015-

Ok, so later this month we will be running the NYC AMC Doggy Dash run at the same time as the NYC TRI! The race is only 18 days away......Pam and I have been training for the event. Since we have the miles down (as we ran our marathon the end of May and trained the distance for months prior) we are training more for temperatures that we might face, and for the crowds that we will be coming across especially the first mile or two when I am brimming with energy.....once I get into the run I tend to be a little more quiet and not as much into wanting to say hello to everyone I meet......I think all my canine friends are the same way! Or at least most of them!.....Of course, once I have my mandatory 5 minute break I will most likely have to start that all over again- but I should be used to the crowds and all......Hey Pam can you take my temperature so I can get used to it?!?!?!? Some dogs do not like anyone sticking that cold thermometer up their butt, uugghh...just thinking about it!

We ran for a good 40 minutes today.....ok, we walked for 10 minutes at one point because we were supposed to run 20 minutes......really these short runs are driving me crazy. I mean I want to run not wuss out......Maybe we'll get to go to the dogpark tomorrow as a reprieve from these short runs. We did end up running up to the dogpark today, but just up towards the park without any stop there! What a tease!

Ok, so there are some challenges coming up for us this week......we'll talk more about this in tomorrows blog! See ya then!

Until tomorrow have a happy tail waggin' day,

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