Saturday, July 4, 2015


July 4, 2015-

As we watch the days go by....time grows closer to the NYC AMC Doggy Dash! The anticipation grows.....the excitement is in the air! The hopes build of seeing our friend and fellow dog runner Dr. Robert Monaco, DVM along the NYC TRI last 5 miles! Please let us run together for awhile- how awesome would that be!?!?!??! I think after these awful fireworks today I deserve another running partner on the 19th!

Ok so today we ran the Nissequoque Hills in our town, we ran 7 miles of hills. There were a lot of chipmunks running around today, I went to chase some of them, man are they quick- I guess being that small you gotta be to run from danger! Pam kept pulling me back to train me to run along side her or within a certain distance when we run.  I have to keep in mind what Skyler told me about running with her!

There were a lot of great smells along the course today. We stopped briefly at Corwood Beach and Pam let me dip my paws in the water. I saw a egret along the shoreline but Pam told me I wasn't going to run after it so put it out of my mind! So after I cooled off my paws quickly we continued up the hill! Corwood is a road that is twisty and UPHILL for a good 1/2 mile! I think making it to the top means we are ready for the hills of Central Park. Pam promised we can check out the race course next weekend.....I hope all goes well. I haven't been to the city yet, how exciting!

Tomorrow we have a easy 3 mile run......not sure where we'll be running yet but it will be a nice easy run! Maybe we can hit some trails or something! Hhhhmmmm......

I want to start a 14 Day Healthy Dog and Me Challenge (this is for both you and your human because let's face it we're teams and heck it's more fun to do these things together!).....for those that are interested we are making a facebook group where we will be making videos with the rest of our pack and posting daily challenges, simple and easy tips things to do with your dog and FUN! Here is the link to the group: sit starts tomorrow BUT you can start at anytime, you can do part or all of the challenge!

Ok, so let me go work on our first video for our first challenge......
Until tomorrow,
when the fireworks are over,
have a happy tail waggin' day,

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