Saturday, July 18, 2015

We were briefed........

July 18, 2015-

 The days have come and gone and my training is behind me, so today Pam and I took a trip into the Big Apple for our mandatory briefing and first of three vet checks! But not before we took a little walk into Times Square, following in Skylers footsteps that is, she and Pam also walked into Times Square and stopped for a photo op back in 2009 and 10......So I had to do the same with Skyler in our hearts!

On the way back to the hotel we had to stop at this outdoor eatery and take it all in, afterall it is legal to dine outside with your human, I mean your canine companion now! So even though the place wasn't open we sat and used the chairs outside.

 Of course I saw a few other dogs walking by and I had to say hello and make sure they saw me so I let out my HOWL of howls! I think Manhattan is now awake!

A few short minutes after we sat down we headed back to the hotel and up to the room where we were to be briefed. What did we see but all the goodies and bibs all lined up ready for us to pickup!How exciting! Each one of us got our own collar and leash with our names on them! Some poop bags (environmentally friendly ones at that). And a bowl of our own with our name on them! And a bag full of goodies for our humans!

Imagine that our humans have to wear our bibs with our names on them, we get the cheers and all........How exciting!

We are big on cleaning up/ picking up after your dog here,
 so pickup and be RESPONSIBLE!

Until tomorrow when I wake up NYC with the Hound Dog Howl,
have a happy tail waggin' day like myself,

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