Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Waiting patiently......yet anxiously.......

July 14, 2015-

As I wait patiently for my big day to come this weekend, today we have the day off training wise, I am looking here to head outside with my new friend Dukey AKA "the Duke of Melville".  As you can see Candycane is already outside. It rained last night and you can see that on the window, along with all our dog slobber.

Anyway, we have 5 days including today until the Doggy Dash, we got our info packet yesterday via email. The crew in charge really cares for the athletes, and as far as the Doggy Dash goes they care more about the dogs than the humans running with us!Thank goodness. There are not one BUT THREE MANDATORY vet checks one being on Saturday! and two on Sunday.....so before, halfway through the race and one after the race......the AMC is there for us all the way. We get the bling, and the goodies, our humans get to carry it though! HAHAHA......

It is LITERALLY all about us! And rightfully so!......Afterall we get our two legged companions out everyday for some kind of outdoor activity!

Here is a rundown on the whole Doggy Dash weekend:

On Saturday, July 18th at 9AM, there will be a mandatory vet check and race briefing at the Hilton in Midtown (1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019). You will pick up your race packet, goodie bag, and have the first of three mandatory vet checks at this time.
Here is the first meet and greet with my new canine friends, rippee!

Then on Sunday, July 19th:

·         6:45 AM – Meet @ Tavern on the Green (67th St Central Park West).

·         Race will begin around 7:30 (72nd St Transverse).

·         Humans wear the bibs.

·         Dogs must always be on leashes. Leashes CAN NOT be any longer than 6 feet.

·         You MUST stop for a mandatory 5 minute rest break at the halfway point.

·         There are THREE mandatory vet checks. One today, one at the midpoint of the race, and one following the race.

·         Please clean up after your pups! We provide the bags, so there are no excuses.

·         Be cautious of triathlon athletes on the course.

·         There will be an AmbuVet ambulance located on the course. Please notify a volunteer or staff member for assistance.

·         Award presentation is @ 10 AM.
I hope no one calls Pam by name, SCOUT! as she we be wearing our bib with my name on it!  How funny would that be! I'd be howling on the ground!
Having a leash no longer than 6 feet is so important, the longer the leash the more trouble one can get into!
I would like to suggest to my fellow runners, not to use headphones in this race, as we should be paying close attention to our team members. Yes that means YOU HUMANS! Let's enjoy the sites and sounds of Central Park together, as well as be paying attention to each other and enjoying every step along. And most importantly paying attention to all those around me and any distractions our canine pals may come across- SQUIRREL!.....See......Oh, also as I saw this past weekend, CHIPMUNK!........
Can I also suggest keeping your dog either in front of you or close to your side?!?!?!? So as not to take up the WHOLE running path! Let's be considerate and respectful of those running with us! Afterall it is a priviledge and an honor to be running alongside these athletes and they are sharing the course with us as well. And if our dog, ourselves, or someone else happens to collide paths temporarily BE RESPECTFUL and do not use the "potty" mouth or anything but say excuse me or I'm sorry, and step aside temporarily so that we can ALL make the most out of the experience!
Ok, picking up the poop, yes- this very important! Think of it this way- we all like to be out there with our dogs and not have to worry about step in a well LOAD of ----......and going back to the movie Forrest Gump for a second, where he says .....-- IT  Happens!, Let's face it the bumper sticker has already made it's way all around the globe in different languages at that so, there is nothing to be gained from the phrase! So use the provided bags!
With all that being said.....RUN Forrest RUN! Or in this case, RUN ROVER RUN!
Have a great race, or enjoy watching the race overall!
Until tomorrow,
Have a happy tail waggin' day,

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