Thursday, July 16, 2015

Almost to counting down the hours........


July 16, 2015-

As we get closer and closer to the big day......yesterday Pam and I ran for 20 minutes....covering a mere two miles, we were joined by our new friend Dukey (you can see him in the photo below).

As you can see his legs are a little shorter than mine, but let me tell you do not let that fool you. He can give you a run for your money! If he knew the course we were running he would have been leading me- also if I didn't keep cutting him off and almost stepping on him. Hey, what can I say I want to be in the front! You know the leader of the pack!

Look at that powerful little guy next to me,
we call him the Duke of Melville!

Ok, so today we have another rest day then tomorrow we train one last time before the big day.....I think Pam enjoys these rest days more than I do even though at the same time they drive her crazy too! But it's the training schedule we chose!
I am so excited to meet and greet my fellow canine athletes.......all of their bios can be found at
and to find out what goodies they have in store for us! Oh yeah to be running alongside all of my fellow canine athletes and Pam as well as triathletes!
Until tomorrow's blog,
have a happy tail waggin' day,

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