Friday, July 17, 2015

Last day of training.......

July 17, 2015-

Alright so here we are, the last official day of training before the big day! So today, we will run 2-3 miles at a nice easy pace just to keep loose.......and make sure we're ready.....nice and easy as we said! Today is also the last FULL day of having our visiting pack member staying with us, Dukey!

Dukey will be missed BUT this weekend, I will be meeting so many new friends and running alongside the pack! And when I get home I will have my pack together again. I cannot wait for this weekend, as it proves to be a great experience of my lifetime. Skyler loved it and so will I! In fact, as we take each stride through the park, our hearts will be filled with Skyler, so she will be running along with us.

Although Pam will not be running with her headphones so that she can be paying attention to me completely. There will be one song in our heads be played for our Skyler.....Here it is now, in fact-
we will share the video with you too: it is "See You Again" by Carrie Underwood. We love this song and it helps a lot of people who lost their pets and others all over. So Carrie THANK YOU for having the compassion in your songs to know what others are going through!

Ok, so tomorrow starts the big weekend....we will be taking a trip into the city for a 9am mandatory briefing.....and vet check....then making our way back home to rest up for an early day on Sunday! We already know where we will be parking on both days and the details of the weekend. Now it is up to us to just have a great race and go to the briefing and checks. Hey Dr Robert Monaco, DVM.....plan your race so that you can run with us, if you can- we start on your last 5 miles at 7:30am and we hope to finish within 45-55 minutes......oh yeah, remember we have to stop for 5 minutes halfway through for a vet check! Hey they care for us, you know your canine friends, I think Jake would approve of a vet checking him out halfway!
So let's get going Pam, I'm ready to roll.......
Ok, until tomorrow,
I will go and have a happy tail waggin' run and day, so you do the same,

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