Monday, July 13, 2015

Calm before the Storm......

July 13, 2015-

It's the Monday before the big day....and we are resting today, that means no training, wait, I stand corrected- we are mentally preparing for the event.
We are telling friends to join us if they can to come cheer us on, planning our course of action, etc.

I am carbloading all week- hey, Pam where is my bagel?!?!?!?, get me my bagel! I know I've done a marathon before but this is a race, a 5 mile race with fellow canines!

Oh yeah as a friend of ours pointed out on her facebook page, thank you Sheba and Randi by the way!

Your dog deserves to celebrate National Ice Cream Day too! July 19 Unleashed by PETCO, sign up for email to get coupon for a free Yoghund: Frozen Dog Treats
So we will either be bringing our own ice cream with us in a cooler or we will be checking out the local places in the city to indulge in some cooling ice cream treats, vegan of course my dear. I mean dairy is really not good for dogs either! Pam makes an awesome ice cream for us to share of course!
You can see the recipe in our book Get Your Leash On! available on!

Ok, so we just wanted to mention a treat for Sunday today, please make sure you keep your dog cool with some Ice Cream on Sunday!

Until tomorrow,
Have a happy tail waggin' day,

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