Saturday, July 11, 2015

One week and counting.......

July 11, 2015-

Ok, so to the right is a shot of one of my new pack members, Dukey or as Pam calls him the Duke of it ALL! As you can see I am like 4X his size BUT never judge anyone on their size. As a fellow GLIRC dog of mine Dukey can really give you a run for your money! (he must run the hills a lot)

So after our easy 3 mile run today (we switched out long run and easy run days to allow us to do a sample run of next week......although we will be running a little earlier than the start time for next week, we will be running the course tomorrow....a nice 5 mile we will be hitting the hills of Central Park tomorrow morning, and if we do in fact get back in time we will be checking out our fellow runners at the Thunder Run 5k in Hauppauge, NY! It will be a trial run tomorrow for next weekend.......but it has to be done- at least that's what Skyler told me and Pam keeps telling me!

 Pam and I have been hitting the hills for the past two weeks of our training again to get used to the hills we will be faced with in Central Park. I hope we can hold our heads up high as we run the course now! And all the way through the chutes at the end! (I may have to drag Pam across the finish line- just kidding Pam!)

As you can see Dukey, wanted to go with us on our run today but as we are running alone and are used to our way of running, Dukey's speed may just tire us out to soon so that we will not be able to continue!

Pam will have her mini camera tomorrow so we can make sure we can take videos and stills once again of our training and on race day!

Until tomorrow,
with one more week to go,
have a happy tail waggin' day,


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