Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gearing Up!

March 29, 2015-

Today, I got a brand new harness......I was using Skyler's old harness until now. Being a little too big for me, it was chaffing my underside so Pam went out and got me a new harness. I will always cherish Skyler's old harnesses as she will always be my coach and true love but it is nice to have a harness all for me!

I got a medium size harness. It is a Comfort Soft Sport Wrap Harness. It's made by Coastal Pet. I really like it, and as we hit longer runs this week I will tell you how it goes!


Here is our fundraiser link:
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And coming up in May you can purchase our book here and a portion of the proceeds will go towards Kent Animal Shelter, I talked Pam into extending this to April as well, so get your copy today and learn some new things as well as helping out some well deserving animal friends of mine:
We'll be taking Benji to the vet tomorrow we'll be getting our leash on to do so.....Vet approved way of getting to the clinic!
See ya next blog,
Scout and Pam

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Training Blog Update

March 29, 2015-

Yesterday, Pam and I decided we wanted to switch around our long run and a quick short run which we will run today. So we set out to run our 13.1 mile run on Saturday a SNOWY SPRING Day! We also came up with new hashtag.....#snowisthenewspring.......or at least it seems to be that way here along the east coast!.....Can you believe it SNOW and it's almost April- and no it's not an April Fools day joke by us, as it is just before April. Actually it's still snowing today- March 29th. The roads were clear, the snow would hit the road and melt due to the warmer temps we have been having- warm as in 40-50 degrees!.....So yeah, no snow shoveling!.....I do refuse to put the snow shovel away though! I do not want to jinx anything!....I will growl at Pam if she even attempts to do so!....

Ok, the above is an older photo from a few weeks ago BUT I think it still fits today! Mother Nature please be kind to us for the rest of our training and all!.....

Ok, so as far as the rest of our training so far you can see our training runs on Twitter- you can follow us on Twitter: @theDogRunner........Our longest training run to date in our training plan is an 18 miler, here is our training plan for the next week, AKA week 9 of 16:

Today- 2 miles
Mon- Rest
Tues- Rest
Wednes- 8 miles
Thurs- 5 miles
Fri- 5 miles
Sat-16 miles (we will be hitting the course route on this day!)
Sun- Rest
We will be hitting the hills on at least one of the days before..... doing the 5 mile course in St James......we can easily get 6 miles in just by doing the whole loop, and adding the extra 2 miles is easy as well, so it could be Wednesday we hit the hills! When we hit the hills we look for our golden friend at the top of Corwood (we actually add a bit as we run down his street as well and look for him!)He likes to run with us for a bit as well!......
We are halfway through our you can go ahead to

Here is our fundraiser link:
and donate to our cause......
Oh and don't forget.....
And coming up in May you can purchase our book here and a portion of the proceeds will go towards Kent Animal Shelter, I talked Pam into extending this to April as well, so get your copy today and learn some new things as well as helping out some well deserving animal friends of mine:
Oh and to Boulevard Bagels in Nesconset, thank you for my bagels to recarb on this week......the other day I had three bagels because of them......and oh my did my energy take me places!
And to the Best Friend Animal Clinic, thank you for helping stay hydrated especially after chowing down on my carbs! Let it be known that I pull Pam towards the doors there, now what dogs pull their people into the vet other than here?!?!??! As I walk through (or run with Pam in tow!) I always have to let everyone know I am there by letting out my hound dog howl- Pam has to tell me to be quiet and all but I just want to let everyone know I'm there and want to greet everyone as I am one very friendly dog! Hey I learned from my girlfriends Skyler and Sandy! I will be in shortly Dr Amy MacGuire for my shots (in the next month or two- I need to be updated for my upcoming race in July! After my marathon! We'll see if I pull Pam into the clinic after that, LOL!)
We will see you in our next blog.....we'll try to get a video in as well......
Have a tail waggin' week,
 Scout and Pam

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Scout's latest......

May 15,2015-

On Friday Scout and I did a 16 mile run, we ran locally.......the first 10 miles were easy to do it was a big circle in which we ran, at 10 miles we were deciding where to run to the last 6 miles it was a lot of hhmmm which way to go........

On Saturday we did our 5 mile run in the rain, Scout did get his bagel as well, after pulling me across Smithtown Blvd to get to the Bagel Shop!.......Once again there was a huge bag of bagels thrown out in the garbage, now Scout loves having these bagels for him there, BUT at the same time it truly is a waste of good food. I intend on asking them one more time to donate their old bagels to local animal shelters, or people shelters/ food pantries.....etc......What are your thoughts on this?.....I do plan on talking with others to help me help (ok, I feel like Jerry Maguire saying that!) the waste of food in this country be lessened!

Now, that Pam has talked about her far as running long distances I need to make sure my harness fits perfectly, and possibly use Vaseline where my harness lies (or Pam's anti chaffing stick for her tri's)......or something to make sure I do not chaff. Although I have only chaffed once and I've run a lot of long distance runs. Anyway, it is something for everyone and every dog to think about when running with your dog on those longer distances! (Pam here, I gotta say- I think I'm getting a pink harness for Scout......hhmmm.....hehehe....I would have never done that to Candy, Sammy, Kelso, or Skyler......Sandy or Candycane....but I think maybe Scout should be branded with it.....comments?!?!? Please share.....)

Okay, this week we have some shorter runs lined up ya ready for the run down?!?!?
This is Week 7!
This is a week to "Test Your Limits!"
Monday  5 mile run
Tuesday 3.25 mile run
Wednesday 8 mile run
Thursday 5 mile run
Friday 5 mile run
Saturday 18 mile run
Sunday REST
I will be dragging Pam, up to the Nissequoque Hills this week to train. I love running hills and I think that Pam benefits from them as well!.....Gotta love running up Corwood too! Although it may still be a little to cool to hit up the beach at the end of Corwood! I hope we see our Golden friend along the way at some point this week, we haven't seen him in awhile. Although I must admit I thought I heard him the other day when we ran past, but we didn't see him....hhmmmm!
Next week is our "Dress Rehearsal", also a week of taking it down a little for our distances......a little break for us!
Okay, I'm going to go rest today, hey Pam.....let me out and run in the yard already! Gotta go....(no pun intended, hehehehe.....)
Hey, I would continue on now BUT Scout wouldn't let me as I need to let him go out we'll catch up with you tomorrow for more updates on how were doing and what we're doing in our training!.....Lots more to get accomplished, we are not yet half through!
See you all later,
Scout and Pam

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Scout's Training Blog for Mid March.......

March 12,2015-

A lot has happened the last few weeks, although we haven't stopped our training, other things prevented me from keeping up with my blog here.......for awhile my coach, best friend, and fellow pack member Skyler was not well and with sadness I report the loss of my coach! BUT I promise to try to make her proud of me and do my best to follow in her pawsteps, knowing well enough that I will NEVER replace her! You can check out her final blogs the next few days at:

But in the meantime, if you have been keeping up with our training on Twitter (@theDogRunner) you will have seen that we have been running everyday, with a few rest day (built in to our training plan).........This week we will be changing around tomorrow and Saturday's runs so as to let Pam volunteer at a local race, in Kings Park!.......So tomorrow we will run our 16 mile run, while letting us run 5 miles on Saturday!

Then back to our regular training schedule!
Here is our next week's training schedule: it is also our 7th week of training........
Sunday is a rest day
then Monday 3/16- 5 miles
Tuesday 3/17- 3.25 miles
Wednesday 3/18- 8 miles
Thursday 3/19- 5 miles
Friday 3/20-5 miles
Saturday 3/21- 18 miles (THE OFFICIAL FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!)
Sunday 3/22- Rest
Monday, Thursday, and Friday- we will most likely be running the St James 5 mile course to train for the upcoming race as well as our marathon......

This week I was also offered a carb loaded bagels from the owners themselves of Boulevard Bagels.....I mean I didn't even have to search on the ground, they are catering to me to help me train.....
My carbo loading crew at Blvd Bagels!

The Best Bagel Shop on Long Island! (They are dog friendly too!)

Tune in tomorrow for more training updates from me and Pam.......and see how many bagels my crew gives me to carbo load on! I am going long a 16 mile run, I need to run off CARBS my crew!
Until tomorrow, go grab a Bagel from Blvd Bagels and have a tail waggin day!,

Monday, March 9, 2015

Our training.......

March 9, 2015-

Today, Scout had a 5 mile run scheduled for the day......halfway through Scout had carbed up with SEVERAL BAGELS thanks to Boulevard Bagels in Nesconset, NY.

Might I add temperatures tend to be rising......the snow is melting and this will make it easier to be safer and for us to train and run while out and about!

To date we covered 179.89 miles of the 663.05 miles to be covered during our entire training.

On Saturday our long run was 16 miles.......

For the rest of the week we will be running 8 miles on Tuesday and Wednesday.....then we have a rest day on Thursday, and continuing a 5 mile run on Friday, ending the week with a 16 mile run on Saturday........

Join us either virtually or in person for a run on any of these days!