Thursday, March 12, 2015

Scout's Training Blog for Mid March.......

March 12,2015-

A lot has happened the last few weeks, although we haven't stopped our training, other things prevented me from keeping up with my blog here.......for awhile my coach, best friend, and fellow pack member Skyler was not well and with sadness I report the loss of my coach! BUT I promise to try to make her proud of me and do my best to follow in her pawsteps, knowing well enough that I will NEVER replace her! You can check out her final blogs the next few days at:

But in the meantime, if you have been keeping up with our training on Twitter (@theDogRunner) you will have seen that we have been running everyday, with a few rest day (built in to our training plan).........This week we will be changing around tomorrow and Saturday's runs so as to let Pam volunteer at a local race, in Kings Park!.......So tomorrow we will run our 16 mile run, while letting us run 5 miles on Saturday!

Then back to our regular training schedule!
Here is our next week's training schedule: it is also our 7th week of training........
Sunday is a rest day
then Monday 3/16- 5 miles
Tuesday 3/17- 3.25 miles
Wednesday 3/18- 8 miles
Thursday 3/19- 5 miles
Friday 3/20-5 miles
Saturday 3/21- 18 miles (THE OFFICIAL FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!)
Sunday 3/22- Rest
Monday, Thursday, and Friday- we will most likely be running the St James 5 mile course to train for the upcoming race as well as our marathon......

This week I was also offered a carb loaded bagels from the owners themselves of Boulevard Bagels.....I mean I didn't even have to search on the ground, they are catering to me to help me train.....
My carbo loading crew at Blvd Bagels!

The Best Bagel Shop on Long Island! (They are dog friendly too!)

Tune in tomorrow for more training updates from me and Pam.......and see how many bagels my crew gives me to carbo load on! I am going long a 16 mile run, I need to run off CARBS my crew!
Until tomorrow, go grab a Bagel from Blvd Bagels and have a tail waggin day!,

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