Sunday, March 15, 2015

Scout's latest......

May 15,2015-

On Friday Scout and I did a 16 mile run, we ran locally.......the first 10 miles were easy to do it was a big circle in which we ran, at 10 miles we were deciding where to run to the last 6 miles it was a lot of hhmmm which way to go........

On Saturday we did our 5 mile run in the rain, Scout did get his bagel as well, after pulling me across Smithtown Blvd to get to the Bagel Shop!.......Once again there was a huge bag of bagels thrown out in the garbage, now Scout loves having these bagels for him there, BUT at the same time it truly is a waste of good food. I intend on asking them one more time to donate their old bagels to local animal shelters, or people shelters/ food pantries.....etc......What are your thoughts on this?.....I do plan on talking with others to help me help (ok, I feel like Jerry Maguire saying that!) the waste of food in this country be lessened!

Now, that Pam has talked about her far as running long distances I need to make sure my harness fits perfectly, and possibly use Vaseline where my harness lies (or Pam's anti chaffing stick for her tri's)......or something to make sure I do not chaff. Although I have only chaffed once and I've run a lot of long distance runs. Anyway, it is something for everyone and every dog to think about when running with your dog on those longer distances! (Pam here, I gotta say- I think I'm getting a pink harness for Scout......hhmmm.....hehehe....I would have never done that to Candy, Sammy, Kelso, or Skyler......Sandy or Candycane....but I think maybe Scout should be branded with it.....comments?!?!? Please share.....)

Okay, this week we have some shorter runs lined up ya ready for the run down?!?!?
This is Week 7!
This is a week to "Test Your Limits!"
Monday  5 mile run
Tuesday 3.25 mile run
Wednesday 8 mile run
Thursday 5 mile run
Friday 5 mile run
Saturday 18 mile run
Sunday REST
I will be dragging Pam, up to the Nissequoque Hills this week to train. I love running hills and I think that Pam benefits from them as well!.....Gotta love running up Corwood too! Although it may still be a little to cool to hit up the beach at the end of Corwood! I hope we see our Golden friend along the way at some point this week, we haven't seen him in awhile. Although I must admit I thought I heard him the other day when we ran past, but we didn't see him....hhmmmm!
Next week is our "Dress Rehearsal", also a week of taking it down a little for our distances......a little break for us!
Okay, I'm going to go rest today, hey Pam.....let me out and run in the yard already! Gotta go....(no pun intended, hehehehe.....)
Hey, I would continue on now BUT Scout wouldn't let me as I need to let him go out we'll catch up with you tomorrow for more updates on how were doing and what we're doing in our training!.....Lots more to get accomplished, we are not yet half through!
See you all later,
Scout and Pam

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