Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gearing Up!

March 29, 2015-

Today, I got a brand new harness......I was using Skyler's old harness until now. Being a little too big for me, it was chaffing my underside so Pam went out and got me a new harness. I will always cherish Skyler's old harnesses as she will always be my coach and true love but it is nice to have a harness all for me!

I got a medium size harness. It is a Comfort Soft Sport Wrap Harness. It's made by Coastal Pet. I really like it, and as we hit longer runs this week I will tell you how it goes!


Here is our fundraiser link:
and donate to our cause......
Oh and don't forget.....
And coming up in May you can purchase our book here and a portion of the proceeds will go towards Kent Animal Shelter, I talked Pam into extending this to April as well, so get your copy today and learn some new things as well as helping out some well deserving animal friends of mine:
We'll be taking Benji to the vet tomorrow we'll be getting our leash on to do so.....Vet approved way of getting to the clinic!
See ya next blog,
Scout and Pam

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