Sunday, July 12, 2015

One week until the Doggy Dash!

July 12, 2015-

Ok folks, there is the official meeting spot for that all the participants meetup at before heading over to the start line of the doggy dash, just imagine- Skyler was in that very spot!
Yes, that is the Tavern on the Green in Central Park, NYC! (Is that a really big fire hydrant that I could lift my leg on in the background, hhhmmmm?!?!?!?)

Ok, so anyway.....we actually ran the course a little backwards today. But that was ok, because we had to get used to the roads there anyway, and the crowds and all the dogs off leash. As Pam drove into the city not long after going through the midtown tunnel, I saw people all around and I made her laugh uncontrollably in the truck! I just wanted everyone to know SCOUT is in town! And when we parked the car and went into the park, hhmmmm......ok, anyway......oh all the great new smells of the city- and all the bits of pizza and all along the sidewalks! A FREE smogasboard for a dog like me! WOW, I smelled the wonderful foods from NYC, I smelled so many dogs running about.....I had to leave my scent behind.....I met a few dogs along the way as well!.....Then we hit the road running, of course for the first mile I had to HOWL and make sure everyone knew I was in the park, I think I literally woke everyone up on the whole island of Manhattan!

Anyway I heard through Skyler and Pam that the Doggy Dash has an AWESOME bag of goodies for all of us participating! I am wondering why Pam had to measure my neck a few weeks ago and give them my measurement?!?!??! I cannot wait to find out! Maybe we're getting out our monogrammed collars or something! Ok, I will let the surprise come next Sunday! Trip in was awesome though, I am not a city dog so going through the midtown tunnel was awesome, Pam said Skyler and I both just sat quietly and patiently anticipated the end of the tunnel!

Here we will be running downhill before
running up a twisty long hill! (Guess I'll be pulling Pam
 up it, so I'll start carbing up NOW!)
I do like the marked lanes and the
roadways being closed to traffic here!
 We had a few moments when we got to run alone or rather together with each other in such a crowded city, which Pam said Skyler and she had during the race as well- or with just a few people around us! Then we had others all around us, Pam would reel me in and keep me close, and told me RESPECT the other runners and tell me to stay out of the bike lane and I did. There was a dog that was off leash however that came up to me to say Hi, and Pam had to call him out of the bike lane, and the cyclist was rude by not wanting to share the park of course, then again at that point the dog should have maybe been on leash and the owner should not have been on his skateboard. DANGEROUS situation for all......Pam called him over out of the bike lane but it was the owners responsibility! And Pam told him that she was just trying to keep him safe and all!
 As this was my first trip into the city, I saw open fields of grass, who would have thought! I mean right in the middle of the concrete city. WOW, I wanted to run and play with my doggy friends! Maybe next Sunday after the race Pam will let me run and play! Since it will be after 9am, maybe if she brings a long leash with us I can have a little more running room in these open fields. And we can play ball or something!

 Hey look, there is a fountain that all the dogs were splashing around in, right here in Central Park! Pam said I could go in but I told her I would rather go to the beach in town afterwards, besides if I got all wet I would have to ride in the back of the truck, and I would much rather ride up front unless all of my pack was in the back with me!

Can you see the gates along the side of the road, Pam said that is for the race, the triathletes and us! Hey I can do this I ran a race that had smaller walkways to run on with a much more of a crowd around me and I RESPECTED those and Pam around me......I even offered to help them up the hills by letting them grab onto my leash! Pam better not hold me back to much!

This is a big race as you can see, I hope my new friends I met in the park today come to cheer me on and check me out at the end! I'm excited, I cannot wait!.....I'll share my videos with you during the week as well maybe one right now of me running in Central Park! Here it is:

Okay so that was my first time in the big city,
Until tomorrow,
Have a happy tail waggin' day,

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