Friday, July 17, 2015

Our final training run......

July 17, 2015-

For our last training run we had Dukey along with can he go! His legs might be 1/4 of the size of mine but he was holding his own! As you can see we ran the soft trails at Blydenburgh County Park, Skyler's favorite trails! And now mine, there are foxes in these woods and I picked up on the scent of them and was off, Pam had to hold me back! Once a hound dog picks up on a scent, particularly an American Foxhound (which I am partly) there is no stopping us. SO  keeping us on a leash would be a good thing unless you don't want to see us again or are in really good shape, like 4 min mile in the woods (trails) to catch us!

 So halfway through we stopped so I could take a dip, and as you can plainly see I had my head in the clouds......with my feet in the water. Can you get any better than that?!?!??!?! I am guessing not!

There I am bathing in the water, cooling off for the return back to the truck.........As you can see in the photo below Dukey opted not to come in the water........But I knew this is the pond that Skyler liked to take her dip in so I was going to do the same!

Maybe next time I see Dukey he'll take a dip with me, ya never know!

In closing, I will show you the video Pam took of me splashing around in the water, which was fun!
Love you Skyler, I dedicate it to you! You are always with me in my heart!

On that note,
I will leave you for the day until tomorrow,
I will have a happy tail waggin' day and I hope you do the same,

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