Saturday, June 20, 2015

We will be off and running in Central Park soon.......

June 20, 2015- 

As of today, we are 4 weeks away from the NYC AMC Doggy Dash. We want to invite all our fellow 4 and 2 legged companions and new friends that are running with us to be part of our blog. We want to make sure as many of them get their time in the spotlight! As they are stepping out and setting great examples for others. Everyone should be out and Getting their leash on, to remain healthy and happy!

Can you believe it 4 more weeks?!?!?! Summer is officially starting this weekend! Doggy Ice Cream days are upon us now- oops, that was supposed to be a hint for Pam! She makes some awesome ice cream that can be shared among dogs and humans alike! You can find the recipe in our book "Get Your Leash On!" Anyway.....we ran our 4 miles today with a quick stop at the dogpark of course, and felt great about it all! Pam is going strong with her raw vegan lifestyle's hoping she can make it work forever! She made raw vegan "donuts" and put some cashew cream on top of them, and hey- I found I like cashews and stole the bag- I didn't want to give them up either! We know cashews aren't totally raw, to eat them raw isn't really possible, that is for humans. There are some nuts that dogs shouldn't have but cashews thankfully aren't on that list! Whereas macadamias are on that list! So people be warned!

Ok, so that is my short easy blog for the day......tomorrow we have a easy run and then we'll talk more about be ready for the Doggy Dash some more. I want to be sure all my 4 legged pals are ready for all that the Dash has to offer! And if your just running with your dog I want to be sure you and your pal are safe all around and can have a blast together!

Until tomorrow,
have a happy tail waggin' day,

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