Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cleaning out the cupboards......

June 17, 2015-

Alright so we are in week two of our training, that means we have 5 weeks until the Doggy Dash.....hopefully all my fellow canines are training for the hills we are about to overrun! Our training should consists of training to be able to handle the hills as well as be able to run around or with other athletes without our leashes get in the way to cause injury! Or so that we do not try to jump in front of another athlete to say hello or get in their way. Very important!

Ok, so Pam and I ran our tempo run yesterday.....we ran a short 20 minutes at about a 8:30 min per mile pace. We're working on it.......

Today we do some cross training.....maybe we'll do some hill walking to strengthen our legs. Pam also needs to do some lung exercises, she will be experimenting these weeks with a machine that was just purchased to do just that! More on that tomorrow........

Then Pam has been cleaning out the cupboards sorta speak......she has decided to go raw vegan once again. This means eating only fresh fruits and veggies, and raw at that. So the next 21 days, will be the challenge she will be doing, actually 20 more days as yesterday was the first day. She does have some frozen veggies which she will be finishing up so she will be steaming veggies for dinner for a few days but after that TOTALLY raw again. I hope she can do it, because she felt great the last time- at least that is what Skyler as Kristina has some awesome raw vegan recipes and walks her talk and sometimes runs! Although Pam is a week behind.
told me, as I wasn't here at that time! I will try to help her by stealing the non raw foods away from her if she goes for them! Yeah......doggie see lifestyle or as most people would call it a diet....I prefer lifestyle though! She is doing the challenge presented by

There are a lot of things going on today so I need to go now, and Pam needs to go ahead and make her smoothie to start her day fully raw and nourished.

So until tomorrow,
have a happy tail waggin' day,

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