Saturday, June 27, 2015

Long Runs and Volunteering......

June 27,2015-

Today we had the longest run of our training for our upcoming 5 mile run.....a whopping 7 we set out nice and early, that is we set out at 6am this morning. It was nice and cool and we finished strong.....we stopped and walked at a few spots to get ready to give it our all for another mile or so but we did it. We completed all 7 miles, there were a few smallish hills, some flats, but we still got the "LONG" run in.....

For Pam's marathon training, she chose to do some cross training for the rest of her miles for the day, so she dropped me off and brought Sandy and Candycane inside and off she went for a nice 9 miles on bike. So she rode up to cheer on her fellow GLIRC and Northport runners at the Run Around the Lake 4 mile Run in Lake Ronkonkoma. She came across the first water stop where the lady was all alone filling water cups so she asked to fill her water bottle up, and felt she had to volunteer a little and help her out to "pay" for the water she partook in......Once the runners starting coming, the water went fast, so instead of watching the runners and all, she jumped in once again and filled some water cups for the runners, there was a hold up  at the water station but the runners had the option of three upcoming water stations! So I want to put a challenge out there to volunteer whenever your help is needed. You do not need to get anything out of it, ok, in this case she got some water to fill her water bottle but I think she sufficiently worked it off. And the wonderful cub scout leader didn't feel like I was doing it for nothing, etc.......Pam did find out we lived fairly close to one another so in the future we hope to run into her and say hello again. Pam was sorry to leave her before the cleanup portion of things got underway, she had to get back to us....hey we need to eat and Pam needs her green smoothie so she can get her energy fix after the unexpected volunteering!

Oh yeah, by the way, it was a lucky ride as she also found a dollar riding along the path in the park in Lake Ronkonkoma- I want to play the lotto with Pam today.....I think it could be a winning dollar......if it is a big winner there will be a donation to our favorite charity!

With Paws Crossed,
Have a happy tail waggin' day,

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