Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tug boat Rover!

June 2, 2015-

Today the exercise we all do....playing a game of tug of war with your dog! The AMC suggests to get your dog to pull straight back instead of going from side to side. To do this try to go as far down to the ground as possible with the rope or toy your playing tug of war with. This will work the front and hind legs.

Relax, this will help you as well! And hey it's lots of fun!

A good game of tug of war, is great exercise for you and your dog. Some of the benefits:

First your dog can improve strength and balance in their front and hind legs.
Second as you bend down to bring the tug toy close to the ground you can work your abs.
Third the act of tugging can be good to getting aggressions out on the tug!
and Fourth, it's just plain FUN and that alone is immeasureable to the quality of life to both you and your dog!

Ok, we are almost done with the suggested exercise from the NYC AMC, and a few short days away from starting our new training program....it will be weird not having a true long run! But we can work on other things rather than distance! 7 days left until we begin......Are you ready?....We may have a reason for you to train along with us tune in tomorrow and we'll discuss more about your opportunity.

Until tomorrow,
have a tug of war tail waggin' day,

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