Sunday, June 7, 2015


June 7, 2015-

The excitement builds today as we get ready to start our NEW training program tomorrow.....yippee! Today however we will be cheering on the race that runs by our house. The race is Run for Brit, check out the website...., there is a photo of her on the homepage and I gotta say she looks like she was a dog lover. The cause is cystic fibrosis, not knowing too much about this disease or condition I cannot speak too much about it BUT I would hope the research that this organization supports doesn't test on animals! We are hoping to see a lot of our running friends pass on by as we go for our walk along the course or maybe just hanging out on our driveway! We'll see!

Other than that we will be cleaning the house, yeah this needs to be done, somehow things get messy every so often!

Have you ever wondered what a house would say if the walls could talk?.....Pam was wondering this yesterday and posed this question to me.....I mean the house we live in has been through so much, I mean the house is older than Pam. She pretty much grew up in the house as her grandparents lived there and before moving into his own house with Pam's mom, her Dad lived in the house with his brother and sisters and parents. There have been many dogs that lived in the house and have know the house well. The changes that have taken place the music played in it, the photos taken in it.....the activities that took place in the house! Wouldn't that be interesting for a house to write a book on their experiences?!?!?!? hhhmmmm......

Ok, That was just something that Pam was thinking about that I thought I'd share I mean how interesting a question!

Moving right along......this week our training looks like this:
Week 1:
Day 1: 40 min CT or Rest
Day 2: 20 min TR + 2 hill repeats
Day 3: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 4: 4 min @ 8K effort x 3
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: 4 miles LR
Day 7: 3 miles ER
CT= Cross Training
TR=Tempo Run
LR= Long Run
ER= Easy Run
We will also be doing some CORE training, helping one another out of course, this training is NOT part of any cross training but added's what it consists of:
Lying Leg Raises (20 reps)
Floor Crunches (25 reps)
Side Crunches (15 reps each side)
Russian Twists (30 reps)
Plank (to failure)
for Pam.....
And the exercises recommended by the AMC in NY for me......
As far as looking for a new dog, the meetup did not go well so we are still on the prowl for a shepperd mix, a female, and fairly younger not necessarily a if anyone has a heads up for us please let us know.....we are searching all of the rescues locally and in NYS!.....Of course they need to be good with other dogs and people. Just to add Sandy is holding her own and lying peacefully but our side right now, although she does tend to give us a bit of a scare from time to time!
Until tomorrow, the beginning of our new training,
have a tail waggin' day,

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