Monday, June 1, 2015


June 1, 2015- we'll be talking about rolling over. Yes, this is something the AMC in NY recommends to do with your dog!

Speaking of today, can you believe it is June already?!?!?!? Training is days away from starting for the Great NYC AMC Doggy Dash!

Ok moving right along......rolling over is easy to teach your dog ( I will admit some dogs will be more willing than others to rollover, so some time maybe needed for some dogs!) The level of trust needs to be there with your dog, as your dog will be totally submissive as he or she is on their back and at your mercy in a way while rolling over!

Ok, so here is what you do:
have your dog lie on their side- this is fairly easy as your dog will do this automatically most of the time. Relax, you can take your time training your dog to lie on his or her side as well! This is the first step though.....

Next have that treat for your dog ready, be in a food treat, or favorite toy, etc......and show it to them BUT do not give it to them yet!

Now hold the treat in front of their nose and slowly raise the treat over their head so that you pretty much going behind their head move the treat as slow as needed to get your dog to move their head along with the treat, their bodies will ultimately follow!

This could be taught immediately or may take sometime to train. BUT keep with it, not all dogs can do this and it can impress your friends as well.....Work with your dog, and build the trust between you and your dog to allow your dog to be able to lie down and rollover.

Now, go work on this with your dog and have some fun!

I have more for you tomorrow,
until then have a tail waggin' day,

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