Friday, June 5, 2015

Sit Up and Beg!

June 5, 2015-

For the final recommended exercise from the NYC AMC, we have the Sit Up and Beg!

Most of us already do this automatically. Come on admit it, whenever you see that mouthwatering food that your human just sat down to eat, you know what we all do....let's face it we all have done it once or twice if not still doing it! And then our humans tell us to stop begging, I'm sure you heard "No Begging!"

Good news friends, I have a reason for you to Sit Up and go get your human best friend and have them read this.....yes, read on my two legged friends!

Sitting up and Begging is a GREAT exercise for the core! So encourage your dog to so! I am fortunate that Pam has never really stopped me from doing this, of course there are times when it is inappropriate to do so BUT if we learn when to and when not to we will be cute and adorable and get a great workout for the core. Oh and a great tasting treat- personally I like my Six Legged Companion Ice Cream Cones......You can see my best friend ever Skyler to the left enjoying her cone and me to the right enjoying mine. We'll write a blog with the recipe soon.

So anyway, I am giving you permission and am backed by the NYC AMC to Sit Up and Beg! I do want to add one warning.....if your dog has any back problems or is overweight please refrain from having your dog do this exercise. We do want to injure your dog, we want to strengthen their core!

If your dog has back problems there are other exercises to talk to your veterinarian about to help strengthen their core and not injure their back! And if your dog is overweight, it is time to GET THEIR LEASH ON and head out the door for a DAILY walk, at least once a day! If you do not have the time, you can always hire a dogwalker, or if you are unable to walk your dog. But if you can walk your dog PLEASE find the time to take a 10-15 minute walk once or twice a day!

Our training will start soon a short 3 days away from now, and we will be training for the NYC AMC Doggy Dash! Are you ready to train along with us?......Did you sign up for the Virtual Run to run along with us?!??!? In order to get the tshirt which is really have to register before June 30th!

Okay, we are going to enjoy our last few days of rest,
Until tomorrow have a tail waggin' day,

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