Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Missed ya.....

June 23, 2015-

Ok, I just  wanted to say a quick Hello! I've missed a few days of blogging, but still nevertheless training up a storm......

Today Pam left me behind as she did a 11 mile bike ride.....after not riding for sometime she finally got her bike up and running again! So she kept her ride short and sweet! But tomorrow we will do a run where we run 4 mins on at a 5 mile run pace, and then taking it slower for a min or two.......I think I will pull her towards the dogpark....we will do this for 5 miles.

Pam is still going strong with her Raw Vegan challenge, although she needs to totally forget about the nuts for awhile I think. And she did have some plantain chips (I think they were dehydrated, possibly baked- but it was the only thing possibly unraw!) Pam prefers to think of them being dehydrated! For the next 4 days I challenge Pam to only do smoothies and raw vegan ice cream......we have the frozen bananas and frozen strawberries!

Oh yeah, Pam found she does like Vita Coco Coconut water BUT prefers Zico Coconut Water the taste is more like fresh coconut water. Coconut water is just as hydrating as plain water, tap water. BUT it has potassium and electrolytes that are needed when being active especially in the summer months. And has more potassium than a banana, wait that is between us- don't tell the monkeys!

On that note, please drink filtered tap water rather than bottled water. Bottled water isn't as healthy as one would think......we'll talk more about this in another blog though!

Until later,
have a happy tail waggin' day,

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