Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ABsolutely into our training......

June 10, 2015-

Today we totally worked our core.....I helped Pam with her core workout, ending with some planks.......several minutes of them if I may add! She did great with this.....then we worked on some of my exercises, my favorite was the Tug of War! I really shook Pam up trying to get the rope away from her! You should have seen her flying about! Ha!

Before we played Tug of War, we did some uphill/ downhill walking with Benji. While making away to the dogpark where we met up with lots of dogs there.....YES, the dogpark was filled today! There was even another hound, and you would think that dog could howl more and better than me or so they thought, I kept quiet then Pam said let go and got me to give a run for my money. So I howled on command and the contest began, we howled back and forth, I think we tied! But it was nice to howl along with another hound dog!

Ok, so we are resting now getting ready for tomorrows training, a nice run.......that is! And searching the internet for a Shep Mix, possibly  meet and greet and bring into our home. We are thinking of looking for a young possibly a puppy so that we can train her to be friendly with all and our best friend from the beginning!

Until tomorrow,
Have a happy tail waggin' day,

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