Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Rising Star!

June 4, 2015-

Ok, so we are back to go over a few recommended exercises that I will be putting into effect myself everyday starting next Monday. These once again are recommended by the NYC AMC.

Today we will be standing up and taking a bow for all our training efforts everyday!.....In fact yeah, we can do this as a stretch after our workouts! You know before we get that bagel to recarb with! Hehehehe.......

The exercise of the day is actually a two parter, here we go.....

Basically what we are doing is standing up on our hind legs- our two legged companions can help us do this.....they can hold a treat up above our heads high enough so we have to reach to get it (but not to high that we have no chance of getting that treat! LOL! Please do not tease us people!) We should be stretching our front paws out to try to reach and get the treat from you! If your dog needs a little help, let them put there front paws on you for a little added support!

The second part of this exercise is something we all do when we wake up in the morning, you know what it is- we all get up and do our morning stretch! We all do this when we want to play- it is also the sign for play time to our two legged friends, and of course our fellow canine companions!
Our human companions can help out by encouraging this action we do by giving it a name and telling us repeatedly when we naturally do it.....saying "take a bow" or "and now the star of the show".....and of course offering us our favorite treat, hey I love my treats, I gotta get them somehow right! (The treat can be food or a toy or a pat on the head, etc! Keep in mind it doesn't have to be any specific, ok specific to your dog, but just something your dog would love!)

This exercise benefits your dog because it provides needed extension of the spine! We can also do our versions of the same exercise by stretching on our tippy toes and reaching for the sky, then taking a bow after a great workout!

I am taking my bow in the photo above, after my performance in my training. I am a rising star are you today?

Until tomorrow,
have a tail waggin'day,

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