Friday, June 19, 2015

Let's be real and raw......

June. 19, 2015-

Today is Day 4 of Pam on her Raw Vegan Journey......she feels greater and non deprived! Although being that she has been drinking so much water and having so many water based foods (which we all need to replenish what we lose everyday) she has been going to the bathroom a lot! But that's ok, because I (and the rest of my pack are well hydrated as well and we need to water the backyard all the time!) It does mean we have healthy kidneys. And these organs are not to be taken for granted!

The photo above to the right are Pam and myself being REAL and RAW, it was taken months ago BUT I feel it fits the title of this particular Pam is going to rest her feet as her right heel has been bothering her, so she'll be having her banana smoothies- Freelee the Banana Girl ( would be so proud of her today......
 Yes, to the right that is the Banana Girl and Pam in Manhattan on a summer day a few years ago! That was a few days before the Woodstock Fruit Festival, Pam hopes to make it there one year! Could this be the year?!!??! Time will tell......

 Pictured to the right is a green smoothie....but Pam will be having fruit smoothies without the greens for breakfast and lunch, not sure about adding the greens today though we shall see....since she has some Vega Nutritional Shake mix she may add a scoop here until she finishes it so as NOT to waste anything, Pam hates wasting food as too much food is thrown out in this world to begin with!

Although Pam needs desperately to go food shopping, she is debating whether or not to go today or not.....if she does it will be a quick pickup of stuff and she will get home to rest for tomorrows run ("long") run.....she will also be wear her foot angel to help with her really works! And yes Pam will be getting some coconut water today for some awesome recipes that Kristina has given us on her website and youtube channel!

On that note, if you are going on the Raw Vegan Lifestyle Challenge best of luck, your body will thank you for it later,
Have a happy tail waggin' day,

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