Wednesday, June 3, 2015

National Run Day 2015

June 3, 2015-

As you can see I am waiting and looking to go out and go for a run, short or long, as long as I get out there. Today is National Run Day.......this is a day where all the runners across the globe celebrate the art of running! This year we will just head out and go for a nice easy run and really enjoy every step we take along the way! We aren't sure exactly when or where we will head out to BUT we will put on our leashes and head out the door!

Since we're talking about running......Pam and I are inviting you to train with us virtually for our 5 mile run/ race coming up and then to sign up for our virtual race where you will be running alongside of us (now you can run on a treadmill, or better yet wherever in the world you are or want to run......)We will all sync up.....we will arrange the details with all participants in the next few weeks.....You will be able to start running the second we start running or you can run your 5 miles at anytime you wish!.....The main idea is to train for the event (afterall the journey is the important and fun part of it all, and I gotta say pretty darn exciting)......then run the 5 mile (or walk if your more of a walker).....ENJOYING every step along the way.....I am presently looking at giveaways for my participants! Don't worry both team members will get some great stuff! (You and your dog, or our Six Legged Companion Teams that is!)

I asked Pam to post the link to register for this race.....a portion of the proceeds will go towards Kent Animal Shelter. So without further adue here is the link to use:

It's an easy 5 miles.....although when you run or walk 5 miles you can burn a lot of calories and you can treat yourself to that creamy cupcake or a great massage afterwards, don't worry fellow canines I will blog about how to give us a proper massage! There is a simple easy way and certain things to consider, anyone can do it if done properly!

Hope you join us for the upcoming event, and of course join us in our blogs (which are posted on out facebook page as well) for 6 weeks of training for the run! So come on and Get Your Leash On!

Until tomorrows blog where we continue our series of exercises that the AMC in NY recommends,
have a tail waggin' Happy National Running Day,

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