Friday, June 26, 2015

24 days left.......

June 26, 2015-

WOW! We only have 24 days left until the Doggy Dash can you believe it? In the next week or two I hope to go check out the course with Pam in Central Park but there are no guarantees this will happen......

Pam is still going Raw Vegan.......still working on her lung exercises......and has added some cross training into her training, for her marathon training she is running with me then switching to the bike to get some added miles in.......So, hopefully the rain this weekend doesn't start until noon time.......after she gets back from our run and then her ride. But our garden outside could use some nice rain. We planted some seeds we got from the jackfruit we had and guess what there are actually little shoots coming up.....we'll see how they grow and come along or not come along in the coming weeks! We were pleasantly surprised to see something awesome!

Ok, so I just wanted to update you on our training....we rest, while Pam rode 5 miles......tomorrow we run 17 miles then Pam will ride about 9 or 10 miles.

Until tomorrow,
Have a happy tail waggin day,

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