Saturday, June 6, 2015

Changing times......

June 6, 2015-

When I got to my home less than a year ago, I had the three of best friends ever, being my girlfriends Skyler and Sandy. A few months ago I lost my girlfriend Skyler, and these will be Sandy's final days. Pam has written a letter to Sandy to read to her so she knows that this is not the end of all of our time together. Skyler and the gang as waiting across the Rainbow Bridge for her, and we will all one day be together again their as our times come to cross over. Pam and I had planned on meeting a sheppard mix now named Sally at Kent Animal Shelter before Sandy goes on, and we hope to bring her home to meet Sandy so that Sandy can give her approval and meet her. By in no means are we ever replacing Skyler or Sandy, we are just helping fill these HUGE holes in our hearts and our lives that our dear wonderful best friends, our companions have left for the time being. If the meeting goes well we hope to bring Sally home and give her the name Sierra this weekend. Since Pam has gone through the adoption process and all before we hope there will be no problem in doing so. Of course, we know that this is something we must consider as blessing if it happens! We will explain out situation and hope for the best! We hope that the powers that be take into consideration Pam's role as dog trainer, health coach to the dogs as well as people, dog photographer (animal photographer specifically dogs), dog runner/ walker, and I hope I got all her titles there....oh yeah, author for animal health and wellness!

This weekend will be a tough possibly not so tough weekend depending on how things go.....also long with the awaiting of our new training schedule, which we are longing to start!

You can check out Sandy's blog for updates on her and her story this coming week!

Until tomorrow,
have a tail waggin' day,

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